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  • The Kitchen: Workplace Safety

    A commercial kitchen can be a hazardous working environment. With kitchen and waiting staff rushing about constantly in a compact area, there are plenty of potential dangers. Whether you work in a bakery, restaurant, fast food outlet, hotel, pub or cafe, strict laws are in place to boost workplace safety. ...
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  • How to Choose the Best Riding School

    Horse riding is a popular activity in the UK, with around three million people riding for pleasure at least once a month, according to a 2019 poll carried out by the British Equestrian Trade Association. The average frequency of riding is three times a week, while 27 million Brits have...
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  • The History of Darts

    Darts has grown into a popular worldwide sport in recent years - with many of the top players becoming superstars and attracting a huge following. In the world of professional darts, the leading players are often larger-than-life characters, with dedicated fans who follow them to games all over the world. ...
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