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  • Top Cat

    The famous American animated television series, Top Cat, began in 1961 on the ABC network. Chronicling the comic adventures of a group of alley cats, their leader Top Cat (or TC to his friends) was a streetwise wily feline who always managed to outwit his nemesis, Officer Charlie Dibble, at...
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  • Top 10 Facts about Gymnastics

    Did you know that in Ancient Greece, only men could participate in gymnastics - and they often competed naked to please the gods and encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male form? Read on to find out more about this unusual athletic practice and other fascinating facts in our top 10...
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  • Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen

    World famous chef Gordon Ramsay is renowned not only for his international restaurant brand, but also for his fiery temper when taking part in TV reality shows such as Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. Viewers tune in to see which hapless restaurant owner or contestant will...
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  • Metal Detectable Silicone

    As the name might suggest, metal detectable silicone is a product used to provide a solution to the threat of contamination on production lines. Contamination is a potential safety hazard, particularly in the pharmaceutical, medical and food and drink industries. Sensitive in-line metal detection systems are used...
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  • Bloodhound SSC Case Study

    The Bloodhound Project is a British educational initiative aimed at inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers through the Bloodhound SSC - a supersonic vehicle currently being developed to achieve a new world land speed record. With the car making its attempt to smash the 1,000mph barrier in...
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  • The Most Advanced Gyms in the World

    The world's most advanced gyms are going way beyond rows of gleaming weights and state-of-the-art exercise bikes. Clients are looking for a different all-round experience today - and a number of gyms are going the extra mile to satisfy the demands of the 21st century. Read on to find out...
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  • Winter Olympics: Figure Skating

    Figure skating is one of the oldest sports in the modern-day Winter Olympics. It made its debut as a competitive sport at the 1924 Chamonix Winter Olympics in France, although it had been an exhibition sport in the summer games of 1908 and 1920. The first world-famous Olympic figure...
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  • Dancing on Ice

    Dancing on Ice is a modern TV phenomenon that has become incredibly popular with viewers of all ages and helped to extend the 'talent show' format of entertainment television. The concept sees celebrities challenging themselves in incredible ways to master the art of ice-skating. Viewers love following the stories of...
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  • Top 10 Racecourses in the UK

    Britain is home to 60 flat and national hunt racecourses, including 17 racetracks that provide both disciplines. Although they all have their own features that make them a part of our rich horse racing heritage, which are considered as the top 10 racecourses in the UK and why? 1...
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  • The White Horses

    The 1965 television series, The White Horses, captured children's hearts everywhere as it related the story of a teenager's adventures with a herd of white Lipizzaner horses on her uncle's stud farm. The show was the result of a collaboration between Yugoslavian and German TV companies, with a dubbed version...
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