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  • History of the Met Police

    The Metropolitan Police (commonly known as the Met) serves the Greater London area's 8.6 million residents. The force was set up by Robert Peel, as a result of the Metropolitan Police Act 1829, with the first police officers appearing on the streets on 30th September that year. Peel was...
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  • The Longest Conveyor Belt in the World

    Did you know that the world's longest conveyor belt is an amazing 61 miles long? Used by the mining industry in Western Sahara, it spans the desert and is so long that it's visible from space! Western Sahara, classified by the UN as a non-self-governing territory, has...
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  • Herbie

    With 21st century technology inventing driverless cars, movie-goers will reminisce fondly about a much earlier version of a car that could drive itself - namely Herbie, the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle who appeared in a series of Disney films. While Herbie was fictional, plenty of kids in the...
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  • All Creatures Great and Small: The real James Herriot

    Generations of children and adults have marvelled at the wonderful tales of a veterinary surgeon's often comical experiences in 1940s rural Yorkshire. Based on a series of books by real life vet, James Alfred Wight, All Creatures Great and Small became a weekend favourite on our screens. ...
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  • Mission: Impossible

    The Mission: Impossible franchise is a series of action thriller films starring (and produced by) Tom Cruise, who plays special agent Ethan Hunt of the Impossible Missions Force. Focusing on the crime-busting activities of an organisation of secret government agents, the spy thrillers were based on a TV series of...
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  • Black Beauty

    The timeless tale of a girl's love for her stunning horse, Black Beauty was written back in 1877 by English author Anna Sewell. This heart-warming story has stood the test of time and today, 140 years later, it's still loved by families everywhere. The story is an...
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  • Knight Rider

    The cult '80s TV series Knight Rider is still celebrated today by devotees who have their own website and even a convention. Created by Glen A. Larson, Knight Rider spanned three television series and expanded into a franchise including TV films, video games and novels. There’s even a Knight Rider...
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  • The Donkey Sanctuary

    Based in Sidmouth, Devon the Donkey Sanctuary has been looking after the welfare of donkeys and mules all over the world for nearly 50 years. Founded by British animal welfare advocate Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE as a charity in 1969, the mission has always been to help abused and homeless...
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  • The Cat in The Hat

    Most kids love a good animal story and when it's one that involves a talking cat wrecking a house, it surely doesn't get any better than that! Of course, the cat in question is the star of the famous 1957 Dr Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat. A timeless...
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  • Desert Orchid

    Desert Orchid was a king among racehorses. His front-running prowess and gritty determination made him a much-loved icon with the British public. The English racehorse's most famous moment was when he won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1989, delighting more than 58,000 cheering spectators, who were willing him on to...
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