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  • The Ancient History of Martial Arts

    Martial arts are among the most respected sports in the world, not only because of their ancient origins, but also because they teach important values and principles. In physical terms, learning martial arts teaches you how to defend yourself, which is a skill that can benefit people of any...
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  • Amazing Facts about Rubber

    As a commonly used material, rubber is found in a whole host of everyday items, such as tyres, footwear, hoses, seals, erasers and elastic bands, to name just a few. However, there's more to this stretchy material than meets the eye. Here are some fascinating facts about rubber. ...
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  • Recycling Rubber Waste

    We hear a lot in the news about the importance of recycling plastic - but in reality, we need to look at the bigger picture to understand the need to recycle all sorts of products. Everyone must be on board with recycling, as it's one of the best ways...
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  • The Karate Kid

    It's hard to believe it's 35 years since the American martial arts movie, The Karate Kid, became a massive cinema hit, thanks to its excellent choreography and emotive storyline. As one of the biggest successes of 1984, the film grossed $91 million at the box office worldwide.  ...
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  • Chocks Away!

    People have been trying to fly for hundreds of years, but in bygone times, their attempts at designing aircraft were unsuccessful - and often downright dangerous. The famous American brothers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, were the first inventors to complete a sustained flight with a powered aircraft in 1903. ...
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  • Rubber Lips are Immune to your Charms!

    One of the most memorable lines in movie history was uttered by Batman's sidekick, Robin, when he told the evil seductress, Poison Ivy, "My rubber lips are immune to your charms!" The admission came as quite a shock, not only to the villainous temptress as she tried to fatally...
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  • Ready Steady Cook!

    Cookery shows have become a popular mainstay of our television screens in recent years, but many people regard Ready Steady Cook as the original programme dedicated to cooking. With its simple format, exuberant host and competitive streak that saw two teams battle it out to become the winner, it's easy...
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  • Formula 1: Rubbered Tracks

    Formula One is the most famous motor racing event in the world, attracting millions of fans who watch live and on TV. However, it has a significant effect on the economic and employment markets of the regions that participate. Also known as Formula 1, or F1 for short, the...
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  • What Floats a Boat?

    The mystery of how ships and boats float is one that baffles many people. Why is it that human beings can't walk on water because we're too heavy - yet a ship that's more than one million times heavier than a person can float with apparent ease? An item...
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  • The Mayan Ball Game

    A historic ball game, played with the earliest rubber balls ever discovered, is estimated to date back around 3,000 years. Archaeologists unearthed the oldest-known gaming court, built in around 1400 BC, at Paso de la Amada, in the Mexican state of Chiapas. They believe different versions of the game...
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