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  • The Nativity

    The traditional nativity scene is something that we have associated with Christmas for the past 2000 years, since the birth of Jesus Christ. At some point in their childhood, many children will have performed in a nativity play at school, in front of proud parents and other family members. ...
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  • Travel Stress-free with Children this Christmas

    The Christmas holidays are supposed to be a time for relaxing, spending time with family and friends and recharging your batteries in preparation for the rigours of the year ahead, but for those who have to embark on a journey with the children, Christmas could be anything but relaxing! ...
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  • Some of the BEST Animal Christmas Adverts

    It just wouldn't be Christmas without the famous seasonal adverts that make watching the commercials so much more fun during the festive period! It's no surprise that animals often feature, as everyone likes to see cute and cuddly creatures at the centre of the action. Christmas adverts are becoming...
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  • Little Donkey

      Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without hearing the song, Little Donkey, but what is this heart-warming carol about and who wrote it?   Song origins Many people are surprised to discover that the popular Christmas song, Little Donkey, was written just under 60 years ago. Unlike...
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  • The Most Traditional Christmas Cocktails

    The festive season is a time for tradition, including sampling some Christmas cocktail recipes that will add sparkle and cheer to your party, or provide an ideal accompaniment when you sit down and cosy up to watch television during the holiday season. Classic recipes have stood the test of...
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  • Santa’s Workshop

    Santa Claus works very hard throughout the year to ensure Christmas is perfect for everyone. His workshop, located at the North Pole, is producing toys and gifts all year round, in readiness for the festive period, when it becomes a hive of activity as the big day approaches. The...
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  • Dandelion Rubber

    Research being carried out in the United States and Europe is looking into whether the humble dandelion can provide a sustainable alternative to the Hevea tree in the manufacture of rubber for tyres and other items. Led by research director Katrina Cornish, American researchers at the College of Food...
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  • Stephen Perry: The Rubber Band

    Rubber bands have been holding things together for the past 173 years. Stephen Perry, a British inventor and businessman, invented the rubber band to hold paper and envelopes together in the mid-19th century. His company, Messrs Perry and Co Rubber Manufacturers of London, made products from vulcanised...
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  • Return of the Saint

    The action-packed TV series, Return of the Saint, was compulsive viewing in Britain in the 1970s for viewers who enjoyed fast-paced action and even faster cars. The plot revolves around smooth, suave Simon Templar - a lone modern-day Robin Hood-type character. He travels around Europe helping people in need...
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  • Henry Nicholas Ridley

    In the late 19th and early 20th century, botanist and geologist Henry Nicholas Ridley was largely responsible for launching the rubber industry in the Malay Peninsula. He also discovered "tapping" (a method of extracting latex from the rubber trees which didn't damage them) to ensure mass rubber production was...
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