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  • How to Stop Rubber Matting from Smelling

    There are many benefits to rubber matting such as strength, durability and versatility; it can support significant weight, it has non-slip qualities and provides protection for your floor. © nut / Syda Productions / Shutter2U / Shutterstock.com You may have read posts on community forums where...
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  • WWI: The Development of Synthetic Rubber

    Rubber was in great demand during World War 1 for multiple purposes, which led to the mass development of synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber had first been developed in 1909 by a team of German scientists at the Bayer laboratory in Elberfeld, led by Fritz Hofmann, who succeeded in polymerising...
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  • How is Rubber Made?

    Rubber is an incredibly common and versatile material, used for making many items such as elastic bands, footwear, swimming caps and hoses. Indeed, half of all rubber produced goes towards making vehicle tyres. As such a vital material, how is rubber made and where does it come from? ...
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