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  • Billy Elliot

    The film Billy Elliot tells the story of an 11-year-old coal miner's son in County Durham, who decides to take ballet dancing classes. However, his father, Jackie, has told him to learn boxing, so young Billy learns to dance in secret, as he knows his dad won't approve. ...
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  • Kew Gardens: Temperate House

    Historic Kew Gardens houses the world's largest and most fascinating botanical collection, with up to 30,000 different species of plants thriving at its 121-hectare site in Richmond, London. More than 1.35 million tourists visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site each year, making it one of the top...
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  • Stuart Little: Boat Race

    The Academy Award-nominated film, Stuart Little, used an innovative mix of live action and computer animation to produce a heart-warming family adventure. Released by Columbia Pictures in December 1999, it was a big Christmas hit, grossing $300.1 million at the box office worldwide. It also received an Academy Award...
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  • Rubber boots: Health & Safety

    Rubber is known for protecting people against electrical shock - hence it is invaluable in the workplace, where employees wear rubber boots and gloves. Rubber possesses this protective property because it's an insulator, meaning electricity doesn't flow through it freely. Electricity requires a complete path, a circuit, to flow...
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  • Balloonfest ’86: The Release of 1.5 Million Balloons!

    As a fun event aimed at breaking a world record, while raising funds for charity, almost 1.5 million balloons were released simultaneously. The Balloonfest '86 event was organised in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1986 by United Way (a non-profit organisation). People could sponsor balloons at a cost of $1 for...
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  • Electric Light Orchestra: Mr Blue Sky

    British band, Electric Light Orchestra, plays an unusual mix of music, which has been described as progressive pop, symphonic rock and classical music, all rolled into one. Since forming in Birmingham in 1970, the band has enjoyed a long and successful career. They have released a multitude of records...
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  • Tips on Keeping your Animals Cool this Summer

    With Britain gripped by a heatwave, pet owners should make sure all animals are kept cool and healthy this summer. Dogs, cats, horses, rodents and other small animals can all feel the effects of extreme heat, particularly with the soaring temperatures of late, which have left owners unprepared. ...
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  • Popular Toys made from Rubber

    In the modern era of gaming consoles, VR headsets and mobile devices, it may be hard to imagine a time when some of the most popular childhood toys were also the simplest. We're talking toys made out of rubber - from basic bouncy balls and rubber ducks, to more sophisticated...
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  • Rubber Soul: The Beatles

    Fans and the press have often tried to decipher if there's a hidden meaning behind the title of The Beatles' top 10 album, Rubber Soul, released in 1965. It was the band's sixth studio album, that spent a total of 42 weeks in the UK album chart and achieved platinum...
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  • Gary Numan: Are 'Friends' Electric?

    It's hard to imagine that next year will be the 40th anniversary of new wave singer Gary Numan's first number one hit, Are 'Friends' Electric? With his signature synthesiser sound, the Hammersmith-born singer shot to fame with his band, Tubeway Army, in June 1979. After being signed by the...
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