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  • The History of the Rubber Industry

    The history of the rubber industry in the UK centres on Bradford on Avon, where the first rubber mill was set up in the mid-19th century by a friend of famous tyre manufacturer, Charles Goodyear. Born in 1794, entrepreneur Stephen Moulton, of County Durham, had been living in New...
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  • Lego: The World’s Largest Tyre Manufacturer

    If someone was to ask the identity of the world's largest tyre manufacturer, the chances are Goodyear, Bridgestone or Michelin would spring to mind. Yet none of these would be correct - the answer may surprise you! The leading tyre manufacturer makes 70% more tyres than its nearest rival...
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  • Rubber: The Heart and Sole

    Since feet carry our body weight, wearing shoes that are comfortable and supportive is essential. As well as protecting your feet, quality footwear also ensures you don't suffer from slips and falls. As shoe designs have developed over the years and rubber has played a pivotal role in footwear construction...
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