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  • What is Rubber Matting used for?

    As an essential safety flooring material to prevent slipping, absorb impact, increase comfort and provide relief from fatigue, rubber matting is used across many applications, from stable flooring to factory matting. Easy maintenance, rubber matting is popular as a result of its durability and straightforward cleaning requirements. Different specifications...
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  • How do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

    When you're standing all day at work, it's inevitable that fatigue will strike at some point, leaving you feeling not only tired but also with aches and pains. Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed to improve comfort and reduce the negative impact of being on your feet for long periods. ...
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  • Hygiene Standards: The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Hygiene standards within the pharmaceutical industry are stringent in normal times - so while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it's even more important for businesses to meet the strict safety regulations, to help prevent contamination at any part of the production process. A massive global effort is underway among pharmaceutical...
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