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  • How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

    Uneven Surface & Movement The surface of anti-fatigue matting is designed to cause constant micro-movements in leg muscles. Increased Circulation As the leg muscles are constantly working, blood flow is improved. This prevents it from pooling in the legs. Even Distribution of Pressure Anti-fatigue matting...
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  • Benefits of Kitchen Matting

    To maximise efficiency in a busy commercial kitchen/bar environment, rubber matting provides a number of invaluable benefits, including:   Durability Perfectly suited to high traffic environments; rubber matting is incredibly durable, so it can withstand heavy footfall.   Slip Resistance Due to the nature...
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  • How to Avoid Electrical Accidents

    01 Regular Risk Assessments To highlight any dangerous areas; a risk assessment will allow you to deal with them before an accident occurs. 02 Proper Signage Ensure clear danger signs are placed next to any areas that may be unsafe. 03 Adequate Training It is...
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