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  • How to Avoid Electrical Accidents

    01 Regular Risk Assessments To highlight any dangerous areas; a risk assessment will allow you to deal with them before an accident occurs. 02 Proper Signage Ensure clear danger signs are placed next to any areas that may be unsafe. 03 Adequate Training It is...
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  • Workplace Fall Stats

    Workplace Fall Stats £512m Cost to employers every year due to slips, trips and falls. This comes from lost production as well as compensation, equipment damage and temporary labour.   Workplace falls should be taken very seriously Slips may seem innocuous or even...
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  • Benefits Of Rubber Safety Mats

    EASY TO INSTALL With a wide range of sizes and thicknesses; all our rubber matting is quick and easy to implement - so you can enjoy the benefits almost immediately. ODOUR-FREE Unlike cheaper alternatives, we have a category of rubber matting products that are manufactured in compliance...
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