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Manufactured from the highest quality compounds, Coruba offers a large selection of automotive rubber products. We pride ourselves on providing traceability throughout our supply chain to ensure the integrity of our products.

Rubber seals

We use silicone rubber for automotive sealing and protection, as rubber seals for cars need the combined properties of strength, resistance and durability. The parts must be able to withstand the heat increase generated in the vehicle - silicone rubber is the perfect solution.

Use our rubber sheeting and matting in cars and other motor vehicles, caravans and marine vehicles. Our rubber sheeting can be cut into bespoke seals and gaskets designed to your own specifications. Give us a call and we can recommend the ideal materials for your application.

We offer rubber extrusions, made from high-quality EPDM, including car boot profiles and door seals. Resistant to temperature changes and the weather, the assure excellent durability.

Rubber sheeting

Coru210 Hypalon® can withstand temperatures of up to 180°C, while remaining resistant to oils and chemicals.

If you need an abrasion-resistant sheet material, for applications such as snow plough rubbers and scraper blades, then our Coru152 sheeting fits the bill. It can also be bought with a heavy-duty fabric backing.

Coru231 is certified to British Standard BS1154 - it can be used in high-demand environments and applications and is often requested by military, construction and government organisations.

Ideal for applications where ozone and weather resistance are required, Coru1456 is 100% high-grade black EPDM Rubber 60° shore that is also suitable for use with some mineral oils.


As the ideal automotive flooring solution, our general-purpose Coru545-5 rubbing matting has a multi-directional checker plate pattern on one side, boosting its non-slip properties even when wet.

An economically priced alternative to vehicle flooring, Coru500 has a fine-ribbed pattern, providing enhanced non-slip properties, which are maintained even when wet.

Coru549U is a heavy-duty, durable matting, with excellent drainage properties and a high-grip surface. It is popular in the Australian UTE vehicle market as an extra layer of protection when transporting goods and as a bed for pickup trucks.

Choose Coru546 when you need a cost-effective, hard-wearing rubber matting. Its unique orange peel design provides an extra anti-slip layer, while the impressions on the reverse side offer an anti-creep finish to keep it in place.

The automotive industry uses shot blast cabinets, so it also requires shot blast rubber - contact us for further information.


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Black High Abrasion Grade 60° shore

Item Code: Coru152

£25.19 m2 + VAT

Black High Temperature Hypalon® Rubber 65° shore

Item Code: Coru210

£26.07 m2 + VAT

Black Natural Rubber to BS1154 Z50

Item Code: Coru231

£34.84 m2 + VAT

Black Shotblast Natural Rubber 50° shore

Item Code: Coru1310

£8.19 m2 + VAT

Checker Plate Rubber Matting Five Bar

Item Code: Coru545-5

£9.55 m2 + VAT

Fine Ribbed [Corrugated] Rubber Runner Matting 3mm - 10mm thick available

Item Code: Coru500

£5.00 m2 + VAT

Orange Peel Rubber Runner Matting. 3mm thick in 10m x 1.2m Rolls or cut lengths

Item Code: Coru546

£8.16 m2 + VAT

Robust Drainage Utility Open Ring Matting - Extra Wide & Hard Wearing

Item Code: Coru549U

£48.43 m2 + VAT

8 Item(s)