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Different Business Areas that Require Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting for Business Facilities

Rubber matting within a business facility promotes a hazard-free environment and significantly cuts maintenance costs.


With a multitude of benefits, here are some of the different locations that can benefit from rubber matting:


Entrance Zones

Rubber doormats are an effective matting solution for a business facility entrance, as they help prevent dirt from entering the premises. Sometimes highly decorative, they also safeguard against injuries - rubber doormats have anti-slip features.


High Traffic Areas

Rubber matting is essential in high traffic areas as it notably reduces wear and tear and effectively stops dust and dirt from dispersing throughout the facility.  Rubber mats can also significantly reduce the noise that would otherwise be heard when walking on hard surfaces like wood or concrete.


Electrical Risk Zones

A great insulating material, rubber mats are installed in static rooms and other areas where there is exposure to electrical equipment to promote electrical safety within the workplace. Prevention is better than cure; and with rubber mats, you can provide reliable employee protection.


Wet Areas

Kitchens and changing rooms are among the many high risk areas exposed to liquid spills - that can cause potential slip hazards. Known for their anti-slip benefits, rubber mats also have excellent drainage properties – making them ideal for use in any wet area.


Productivity Zones

Anti-fatigue mats promote productivity by providing health benefits to employees - reduced foot pressure, better blood circulation, etc. They also create a flat surface that minimises the risk of falling and tripping.


By increasing productivity and avoiding employee injuries, anti-fatigue mats become a flooring solution that is essential across a wide range of business facilities.


For rubber matting excellence… experience the Coruba difference! For the best rubber matting products on the market, please call 01702 560194.

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