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Coruba’s Door Mat Collection

As one door closes another one opens… and that door should have the perfect door mat.

Carpet Mats

(Coru376 Aquamaster Vinyl Backed and Edged Carpet Mats)

Rubber mat

With carpet and doormat features all in one, Coru376 features the best of both worlds. A durable carpet door mat that can be used for both internal and external applications, it is suitable in areas of heavy footfall.

It can also absorb dirt and water up to 2.8kgs per square metre. Now that is really good quality!

Workstation Mats

(Coru635 Moulded Rubber Workstation Mats and Coru639 BubbleTop Anti-Fatigue Workstation Mats)

We have two workstation door mats in this collection – Coru635 (left) and Coru639 (right).

The most popular free standing anti-fatigue rubber matting is Coru635. With an attractive moulded design, finished with safe round edges on its ramp, it also demonstrates high quality drainage properties and is very easy to clean.

Coru639 is a free standing anti-fatigue mat like Coru365. The bubbletop design promotes good slip resistance and reduces fatigue caused by long hours of standing.

Perfect for workstations and counters, both rubber mats are made of durable rubber compounds.

Victorian Rubber Door Mats

(Coru750 Rounded Iron Look Victorian Rubber Door Mats and Coru750 Rectangular Iron Look Victorian Rubber Door Mats)

Victorian Rubber Door Mats are offered in half-moon and rectangular alternatives. Hard wearing and easy-to-clean, these mats also have good slip resistance and drainage properties.

Finger Mats

(Coru660 Pinscrape Rubber Finger Mats)

Hard wearing and made from durable natural rubber, Coru660 is a loose lay mat that is a good choice for either indoor or outdoor applications.

Easy to clean its unique ‘finger pin’ design is very attractive, adding to the non-slip properties.

Heavy Duty Entrance Mats

(Coru775 Zedstep Heavy Duty Entrance Mats)

With a unique ‘Z’ pattern, Coru775 is made of high quality natural rubber and is resistant to wear and tear.

Just like our other products, Coru775 can be cleaned effortlessly.

Whatever rubber mat you prefer, with Coruba’s help you can create the perfect entrance.

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