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Product Feature: Coru717 KwikMMA Mats

Hardwearing, EVA rubber matting is made of a combination of ethylene polymer and vinyl acetate – fit for many sports-related activities due to its excellent shock absorbing qualities.

Coru717: The Perfect Choice for Martial Arts Safety

Lightweight and versatile, the Coru717 KwikMMA Connectable Mats are made from durable and closed cell, high density foam that ensures a non-porous matting solution with excellent sound deadening abilities.

Designed to meet specific MMA requirements, our Coru717 mats are fully reversible and are available in two alternatives:

  • 20mm Thick Connectable Blue/Green EVA Mats
  • 30mm Thick Connectable Red/Black EVA Mats

Distinct Features

With each linkable mat measuring 1m x 1m, Coru717 KwikMMA Mats are easy to install in gyms and martial arts areas. They demonstrate the following features:

  • Anti-fatigue benefits
  • Excellent resistance to noise
  • Shock absorbing design
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Slip resistant
  • Non-porous (won’t retain liquid)
  • Great resistance to chemicals, water and weathering

Key Benefits

Coru717 Mats have outstanding anti-fatigue properties that significantly reduce cases of swollen and stiff joints and backache. They can even aid blood circulation and posture.

Unlike other safety mats, the KwikMMA mats are linkable – allowing them to be installed, removed and transported with ease. Perfect for both short-term and permanent installations, they are no hassle at all!

Although specifically designed for mixed martial arts, they can also be a durable flooring option for other sports-related activities, kids’ play areas and workshops, among others – owing to the flexible characteristics of EVA mats.

For second-to-none rubber matting options, contact Coruba on 01702 560194.


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