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Why EVA Mats are the Perfect Choice

EVA mats are not your typical rubber mats. A combination of ethylene polymer and vinyl acetate that are commonly used for manufacturing other things like flip flops, this product is popular with a large number of rubber matting consumers. So, what is so special about EVA mats to make them one of the firm rubber matting favourites?

Why Customers prefer EVA Mats

Durable and Soft

Most natural or synthetic rubber mats are durable but they lack comfort. EVA mats are known to be softer and thus more comfortable. Made with durable compounds, they are soft at the same time.

EVA mats are known to withstand wear and tear, outperforming other matting alternatives.


These mats are customisable and come in different varieties. Available in different colours, EVA mats are a suitable option for a child’s playroom. The thickness can vary depending on the brand.

EVA mats open up a world of possibilities!


Soft but not spongy, EVA mats can be used in gyms, stables, martial arts rooms, playrooms and more.


significantly reducing foot fatigue, EVA is proven to provide the right amount of protection for muscles and joints.

These mats are also hassle free. You can install, remove and transport them with ease.  They normally come with interlocking sides, which makes them quick and easy to set up or break apart.


Not one or even two… EVA mats have five resistance capabilities!

  • Resistant to noise. This is a plus point for gyms or sports rooms where vibrations and noises from heavy equipment and physical activities normally occur.
  • Slip resistant. Providing a strong grip that strengthens its anti-slip properties, this further prevents accidental falls and injuries.
  • It has great resistance to chemicals and water. Water, paint, wet feet and other moisture is not a problem with EVA mats. With water resistant properties, you can simply wipe the surface dry.
  • It is resistant to weathering. Some rubber mats become flat due to constant changes in the weather. EVA mats are a reliable matting solution, whatever the weather!


If you want to view the various EVA mats, you can go to this page.

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