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Metal Detectable Silicone

As the name might suggest, metal detectable silicone is a product used to provide a solution to the threat of contamination on production lines. Contamination is a potential safety hazard, particularly in the pharmaceutical, medical and food and drink industries.

Sensitive in-line metal detection systems are used to monitor production lines and if any contaminants - in the form of metal detectable silicone - are found, the production process is halted immediately, thus preventing any eroded particles from polluting the line.

Once the production process has been halted, the contaminated products are quarantined. Then, the particle source is investigated and once this has been identified, the problem is rectified. The production line can then be resumed. The main benefit of using metal detectable silicone is that the procedure is carried out with minimal down time and minimal product waste.

Metal detectable silicone is hailed as an innovative product, which has rapidly become a global success since its introduction in the 21st century. It has been adopted as a safe and cost-effective solution, minimising silicone contamination and preventing the subsequent risks to sensitive products.

Fragments of failed gaskets and seals can be found and isolated safely using metal detectable silicone and it is commonplace today in many pharmaceutical and food processing applications, giving customers confidence that any foreign particles in their products can be detected quickly and effectively.

Metal detectable silicone was first used in the UK in around 2010 and it quickly became a favourite in the food production industry - it has continued to be in high demand ever since. Prior to its introduction, there was a risk in the food and drinks industry of silicone rubber particles accidentally falling into the products during the production process, as traditional silicone rubber seals and gaskets can be compromised by natural wear and tear.

If contamination remains undetected for a significant period of time, it can affect businesses, increasing costs as a result of lost production time, or product recalls.

Metal detectable silicone sheets have a special additive that alerts metal detecting equipment positioned along the production line, flagging up silicone contamination right away and thus keeping it to a minimum. The sheets are also coloured blue - because blue is the only colour that doesn't appear naturally in food and therefore it can be easily identified.

The blue metal detectable FDA approved silicone is grade 60° shore and comes in various roll sizes and weights. It can be used safely at extreme temperatures, from a minimum temperature of -60°C to a maximum temperature of 200°C. RoHS, REACH, PAH and CE compliant, it has a thickness of 1.5mm to 6mm and sheet sizes of 1.2m wide, in 5m and 10m rolls. Applications include metal detectable gaskets, joints, seals and strips and it is ideal for use in sensitive applications.

Coruba's matting products

Coruba provides blue metal detectable FDA approved silicone grade 60° shore in standard roll lengths or in custom sizes. To cater to demanding applications, our products assure excellent heat and flame resistance. To discuss this product, or to arrange a sample, please contact us.

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