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7 Workshop Essentials

For people who do their own car repairs or even DIY projects, a well-furnished garage is essential as it creates an efficient working environment and it helps to improve productivity and safety. The real solution to a fully functional workspace lies in the following essentials:

Enough storage

No matter how big or small your workshop, it can be deemed ineffective if you do not have the adequate storage facilities. Make sure you have enough space for both your bulky items (e.g. tyres and wheels) and your small tools (e.g. nails and screws) and have a dedicated storage container that is correctly labelled for each item category.

Adequate lighting

Halogen and xenon bulbs will provide ample lighting in your garage, while fluorescent lights will work well if you’re working on more detailed projects, as they don’t give off much heat. Don’t forget to place lighting in important areas, such as right above the workbench where most light is needed.

Improved ventilation

A comfortable workshop is an efficient workshop! To work effectively in any season, your space must be temperature controlled – complete with portable space heaters during winter and fans during the warmer summer months.

Extension cords and power strips

Other than using the right tools, your garage space should also be equipped with extension cords and power cables to accommodate your electrical needs.

Power strips should include as many as 10 outlets – they are especially helpful when you need to run a number of tools and equipment at the same time. For maximum benefits, extension cords should be between 50-100 feet long.

Safety equipment

Safety is a top priority when working with tools, so it’s vital that you have the right safety gear. Goggles, respirators, earplugs and other essentials must be kept in a clean and accessible area. A first aid kit can also be helpful - to attend to any sudden injuries that require immediate aid.

Appropriate bench space

An adequate workspace will not only help you to keep tools and parts within reach, it will also ensure that the working environment doesn’t contribute to fatigue. Rubber safety mats can provide a cushioned effect around the bench space to promote productivity.

Heavy duty flooring

Inappropriate flooring will only increase workplace hazards, so make sure you choose a flooring option that promotes safety.

As the perfect garage flooring option, rubber matting promotes safety by preventing accidents such as slips, trips and falls. It will also help to keep the garage clean and aesthetically pleasing. Some rubber safety mats also include cushioning and anti-fatigue properties – a vital feature that should be considered when looking for a rubber flooring option.

Whether you’re building a new garage or improving an existing workspace, rubber safety mats are the perfect fit for any garage area. Please call Coruba on 01702 560194 and the rubber experts will guide you through our range of rubber matting.

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