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The Perfect Rubber Matting for Garage Floors


Grease, chemicals and dirt will insist on rearing their ugly heads – and choosing the most suitable garage flooring option to prevent their accumulation can be stressful. Panic not, for Coruba's rubber matting is the reliable solution you have long been searching for!

Hassle-free Installation

Especially designed for DIY installation, rubber matting allows you to enjoy a more aesthetically-pleasing garage space in less than half a day! Choose between roll and linkable options that can be quickly and easily installed – beat that for convenience!

Low Maintenance

As easy as its installation, rubber matting maintenance is almost just as effortless. Simply remove from the floor to easily clean or replace it.

Chemical Resistant

Rubber mats don’t only hide the cracks! They also protect your floor from chemicals and grease marks. The chemical resistant feature allows for the easy removal of oil, grease and other chemicals without too much of a problem.

Safety from Possible Accidents

Compared to other garage flooring alternatives, rubber mats have a perfect slip-resistant finish – preventing any unfortunate slipping accidents. Let’s face it, oil and other chemical spills are common in a garage, so rubber mats are a necessary safety precaution!

For wall to wall comfort, safety and yes… style! Please phone Coruba today on 01702 560194 for the king of all rubber matting solutions!

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