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4 Things to Consider when Looking for the Right Rubber Fender


Designed to serve as shock absorbers, rubber fenders are an essential component in ports, berths and boats – preventing direct collision between two boats or the dock. They also help protect marine vessels from damage during the berthing process.

So, how do you select the perfect rubber fender?

Size and Configuration of the Vessel

The dimensions will determine the type of fender you should use. Larger vessels often require large fenders for better berthing energy absorption:

  • Use V-type, super cell or super cone fenders for larger vessels
  • Use L, V, M, D or cylindrical rubber fenders for smaller to medium-sized boats

Type of the Port

The port’s structure, location and position are vital factors to consider when choosing the correct rubber fender, as these will vary depending on the application and structure. Improper selection can cause significant damage to both the dock and the berthing vessel.

Marine Environment

Different rubber marine fenders serve various purposes depending on the changing of the tides and wind power. While vessels can easily berth during low tides, windy weather makes it harder for boats to dock. These fenders are recommended for the different conditions:

  • Elongated fenders - for high and low tides
  • V-type fenders - for windy and wavy docks

Type of Berthing Structure

Since fenders are suspended in front of the berthing facilities, it is important to consider the structure. Ranging from vertical walls to sloping slipways, this is where the correct fender will come into its own.

For top quality rubber fenders, please call Coruba on 01702 560194. All aboard who’s coming aboard!

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