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Rubber Fenders for Different Port Structures

An important factor to consider when selecting your rubber marine fenders is the port in which they will be used, as marine ports will vary depending on the applications and structures.

Dolphin Ports

Dolphin ports are relatively small marine structures used for both the berthing and mooring processes.

These ports use smaller fenders such as rubber cone fenders. They may be small but they can deliver highly efficient shock absorption.

Jetty Ports

Jetties extend perpendicularly from the shore. With a solid alley down to the water bed, they are sometimes referred to as a “floating terminal.”

Since jetty ports are commonly used for passenger ships, they generally use fenders that have high reaction force to allow softer berthing. Cylindrical rubber fenders are the ideal choice as they provide an effective cushioning reaction when docking.

Ports with Quay Walls/Structures

The quay wall is used for the berthing and mooring of marine vessels such as barges, container, ships, etc. It serves different sizes of marine vessels – from small to medium and from medium to large.

Quay walls ideally use strong and sturdy fenders such as cell fenders as they can anticipate heavy-weighted berthing processes brought by larger marine vessels.

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