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EVA Stable/Gym Mats 6ft x 4ft Linkable light weight EVA Mats 24mm or 34mm Thick

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EVA Stable/Gym Mats 6ft x 4ft Linkable light weight EVA Mats 24mm or 34mm Thick

Item Code: Coru715

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  • Water resistant
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Lightweight and hardwearing
  • Excellent insulation properties

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Quick Overview

The Coru715 EVA Stable/Gym Mat is a linkable rubber foam matting made from high quality EVA sheet - designed to give the ultimate cushioned protection for horses, livestock and athletes.

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) is a durable, environmentally-friendly and versatile elastomeric polymer used for rubber products. A soft and flexible material, it can withstand heavy footfall while providing cushioning for muscles and joints.

The features of our Coru715 EVA Stable/Gym Mat include:

  • It comes with an oval tear-shape texture on top; for added grip and a striking finish

  • It has interlocking connectable edges

  • Available in various sizes and thicknesses

Demonstrating an anti-slip pattern that provides efficient safety for animals, it is a comfortable bedding alternative, especially for horses.

Ideal for animal transporters, stables and enclosures; EVA foam mats are not only for animals – they can also be used in gyms as protective crash mats.

The Coru715 EVA Stable/Gym Mat is durable and sturdy enough to resist years of repeated use.

Here are some of its unique characteristics:

  • Easy to lay and fit to size

  • Low maintenance

For special or bulk orders, contact us today on 01702 811 609.

Please note: EVA Flooring due to the nature of the compound of Expanded Rubber Foam does have a tendency to expand and contract, this is especially evident during the initial settling in period. Although Coruba does not offer a fitting service or instructions as the nature of our business is purely supply not fit, we do advise that a minimum expansion gap of 1" (25mm) is left around all sides of the matting to allow for expansion. This gap must be kept clear, clean and empty and not blocked to allow free easy expansion of the mats. Please note that these mats may also require trimming at a later date until expansion and contraction is complete. Environmental differences and variances such as seasonal temperature fluctuations and what is being put on the mat, how they are used / cleaned etc, all contribute to the rate of expansion and contraction and as such we are unable to estimate how long this period may be. Coruba cannot be held liable for any distortion, bowing, bending or fluctuations in size in the matting once installed / laid. Coruba cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages or injuries to humans or animals from any of its products, this does not exclude any installed / laid mats that have expanded or contracted during their usable / operational life span. It is down to the customer to monitor and amend the mats to ensure suitability at all times. Advice given in this statement is given purely as a guide and not instructional, but is stated to inform customers of what to expect BEFORE purchase. Expert advice should be sought for any queries or concerns. Coruba is a rubber supplier not an equine / animal specialist. 

Product Description

Stock Roll Sizes[m x m x mm]Weight[kg/mat]SpecificationsCompoundValues[typical]
1.8m x 1.2m x 24mm  8.55 Colour: Black
1.8m x 1.2m x 34mm  12.12 Compound: EVA Foam
    Hardness [Shore A]: N/A
 1.8m x 1.2m x 24mm  8.55 Density [SG]:Kgs / M3 130 / 150
 1.8m x 1.2m x 34mm  12.12 Tensile Strength: [MPA] N/A
    Elongation [min]:        N/A
    Abrasion Resistance [mm3] N/A
    Minimum Temperture N/A
    Maximum Temperture N/A

Additional Information

Colour No
No Surcharge No
Resistance to No
Insertion Req No
Width 1.2m
Length 1.8m
Solid No
Drainage Holes No
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