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Horse, Stable & Animal Matting

Rubber horse stable matting not only saves on bedding costs; it is also proven to improve the health and comfort of your horse - it achieves this by providing an insulation and comfort layer on the concrete stable floor. This reliable rubber matting solution means you will only need approximately 20% of your normal bedding, so it will pay for itself in no time.

Stable Matting Suggestions

Advantages of using Rubber Stable Mats

  • Hardwearing, waterproof and shock absorbent

  • With their textured, non-slip surface which increases grip levels even in wet conditions, they reduce slipping

  • The grooved/channelled underside helps dispel moisture and provides relief to horses’ joints and muscles

  • Durable and non-porous

  • Easy to clean, they do not smell when properly fitted

Fitting of Rubber Stable Matting

The general measurement of stable matting is 6ft x 4ft or 1.8m x 1.2m. Available in 17mm and 12mm thicknesses, 17mm thick mats weigh 45 kilograms and 12mm thick mats weigh 32 kilograms. The thicker and heavier the mat, the more it will tend to stay put even without adhesives or fasteners.

Materials Needed:

  • Stanley knife or jig saw

  • Tape measure

  • Piece of chalk

  • Straight edge

  • Hammer

  • Clean and disinfect the stable and allow it to dry

  • Measure the surface that needs to be covered. Draw a guideline using chalk

  • Add about half a centimetre to your measurement; cut outside the chalk mark to achieve this. You can use a jig saw for quick and easy cutting or you can opt for a Stanley knife for a smaller quantity of mats

  • When laying the mat in place, the cut edges should just turn up at the wall. These can then be hammered down to tighten up the joins

  • After installation, vacuum the remaining mat debris


You may also consider using non-standard layouts, using several pieces of matting with different dimensions – please refer to the image above.

Linkable stable matting offers a lighter easy move solution.

  • Heavy density linkable EVA foam mats CORU715

  • High quality linkable rubber mats CORU611

  • High quality Diamond linkable EVA Foam Mats CORU715U

Horsebox Solutions

  • Fabric reinforced horsebox partition rubber skirt - high quality, hardwearing rubber designed for horsebox use - where areas need partitioning. CORU6120

  • High impact wall protective EVA foam sheet - wall protection grade, heavy density foam. High quality, easy-clean and durable -specifically designed to provide a cushioned protective layer for horses and livestock; while protecting the outer walls as well. CORU714

Ramp Matting Solutions

  • Animal transporter ramp matsa specifically designed non-slip mat with large rubber chocks for cattle and animal transporter ramps. CORU675

  • Griptop horse and transporter ramp matting - a lightweight, high grip solution for animal transporter ramps. Hardwearing and durable, this matting is the new modern alternative for animal transporter ramps as there is no need for wooden or rubber chocks. CORU548

  • Broad ribbed universal rubber ramp matting - a popular choice for ramp applications requiring a premium and heavy duty solution without the premium price. CORU540

Wash Down Drainage & Muddy Area Ground Stabilisation Mats

  • Open ring wash down drainage & ground stabilisation matideal for animal wash down areas to facilitate good drainage or on muddy fields to stabilise the ground while allowing the grass to grow. Also suitable for use under gates, children’s play areas, etc. CORU625

For further information, call us on 01702 560194 and we’ll help you find the right animal matting solution for your needs.