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ER40 - EPDM / Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

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ER40 - EPDM / Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Rubber

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Quick Overview

CoruER40 Plain EPDM / Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Sheet

The CoruER40 is a closed cell EPDM / Neoprene blended sponge sheeting. Due to the blended nature of the product the CoruER40 exhibits good chemical, ozone, oxidation, Flame and  weathering resistance. It has minimal liquid absorption due to its closed cell construction and an tested operation temperature of between -40°C and +85ºC. It also presents a low odour and good ageing resistance, It is not however recommended for use with Chlorinated Solvents or applications involving Oil and Fuel. Please contact us for more details.

The material is also fully able to be recycled as it is CFC and HFC Free.


N.B. Available in plain or self-adhesive backed tape (SAB) alternatives. Bespoke sheets and gaskets are available, as well as customised rubber strips. Email your enquiries to sales@coruba.co.uk.

Product Resistance characteristics

  • Weather and Ozone protection - Good  

  • Oxidation - Excellent

  • Ozone - Excellent

  • Acid - Excellent

  • Alkali - Excellent

  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Fair

  • Ketones - Fair

  • Flame - Good

  • Low Temperature - Good

  • High Temperature - Good

  • Ageing - Good

Although the above information is given as a guide, please contact us with your specific environmental requirements for the product, this is especially important with chemicals, liquids and applications with fluctuations in temperatures. The above information provided/ obtained supplied in accordance with Accepted test methods as above, All is given in good faith without warranty.  All tests data are average values ,and should be considered as Guideline on specification and suitability only,  The end user must determine the suitability and of course material fulfills their intended application / requirement(s).

Product Description

Technical Specification:



Material:  ER40 - EPDM / Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Rubber


Thicknesses Available:

From Stock

1.5mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 20mm 25mm
Weight Per Roll:  2.25kg 3kg 4.5kg 6kg 75kg 9kg 12kg 15kg 18kg 22.5kg 30kg 37.5kg

  • Thickness avilable up to 50mm manufactured to order.
  • Sheet size: 10m long x 1m wide
  • Cutting/bispoke sizes available
  • SAB Self Adhesive Backing Available
  • Cellular finish
  • Colour:   Black
  • Density:  120 kg/m3 (+/- 20)

Technical Details:


Polymer:                                                               EPDM/ Neoprene Blend

                   ASTM D 1056--00 Grade #                   2A1 / A2  B3C

                                    AFNOR 99-211                   2C04/2C08 B4 C2


Cell Structure:                                                        Closed Cell – (Tight Cell Structure)

Density:                                                                 120 kg/ m³ average

Shore Hardness:                                                                                        40sh  (average)

Temperature Limits:                                                +85º C to -40º C   (Intermittent:  100º C)




Compression Deflection: @ 25% (kPa)                      30 – 60                      40

                                       @ 50% (kPa)                      80 – 160                    105

Compression Set: (50%22h20º C)                            ASTM D1056-00        35% MAX

Water Absorption:                                                  ASTM D1056                 2%


Ultimate Elongation:                                                                     > 160%


                                                                                 LIMIT                 Typical Value

Elongation at break %                                         N/A                          >180                                                        

Tensile Strength (kn/m2) ISO 1798-7                           N/A                          >400

Heat Ageing:                                                              N/A                            N/A 

Change in Compresson Defl (168hrs @ 70º C)          +/- 30%                       PASS



Ozone                                                       DIN53509 - Excellent          72h @ 40deg C 55% RF

Air & UV                                                                     EXCELLENT

Oil Resistance,                                                            POOR

ACIDS                                                                        GOOD


Flammability:-  Grade:  UL 94 HF1                          Pass * (in accordance With)

                             Grade: FMVss302                           Burn Rate <100mm    PASS

Environmental Protection:                                CFC and HFC Free / Can be recycled


Odour:                                                                                                            Negligible

Additional Information

Special Price No
Resistance to Please Call
Insertion Req No
Product Type Sponge & Foam
Solid Yes
Drainage Holes No
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