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The Most Advanced Gyms in the World

The world's most advanced gyms are going way beyond rows of gleaming weights and state-of-the-art exercise bikes. Clients are looking for a different all-round experience today - and a number of gyms are going the extra mile to satisfy the demands of the 21st century. Read on to find out more about the world's most advanced gyms...


Milon Premium Health Clubs, Australia

The day has arrived when personal trainers in gyms are being replaced by smart machines to train customers using AI. Milon Premium Health Clubs (an Australian luxury gym chain) issues customers with a smart card. When inserted into the equipment, it records the client's details, remembers their weight and body size and records their workout. Based on this information, it automatically adjusts to create individual programmes using exclusive Milon equipment. The gym claims members need to work out for as little as 17 minutes at a time to get benefits, so it's particularly useful for clientele who fancy a quick workout in their lunch break, or before going to the office.


Upper Limits, Bloomington, Illinois

Have you ever thought about rock climbing in old grain silos? It's not likely to be an activity many people have thought about, but the Upper Limits gym in Bloomington is attracting hundreds of fitness seekers with its unusual layout. The abandoned grain silos have been converted into a towering, 65ft tall climbing wall! The silos were left empty near the railway tracks, and as Illinois is nicknamed the "prairie state" because of its lack of mountains, creative fitness bosses decided to convert them into a man-made mountain. The unique gym is a huge success, thanks to being the only one of its kind in the state - and possibly in the USA.


Green Microgym, Portland, Oregon

In the environmentally-friendly stakes, Portland's Green Microgym is hard to beat, as it creates human-powered electricity! The gym is part-powered by the energy created by members as they use the high-tech equipment. Clients using the equipment know they're doing their bit to help the environment, as the energy is converted into electricity to help run the gym, giving it a smaller carbon footprint than most other gyms - 85% lower per square foot than traditional gyms. Everything in the Green Microgym contributes to energy efficiency and the concept is beginning to spread to other gyms across the world.


Wellness Sky, Belgrade, Serbia

Wellness Sky was formerly an exclusive waterfront restaurant when it was built 35 years ago. However, it was later converted into one of the world's most luxurious gyms. It is on the bucket list of everyone who goes sight-seeing in Belgrade, thanks to its unique triangular shape and panoramic views through large windows on all sides. Inside, a body balance programme is on the menu, designed to sculpt members into the best possible physical shape with individual exercise regimes that include tai chi, Pilates and yoga. The gym is huge - the owners say they hope visitors get the impression they are "entering a cloud" when they arrive.


 Gravity, Singapore

Gravity gym is an exclusive health and fitness club, located in spacious, 17,000 sq. ft premises in the city centre. It is designed for fitness fans who require exclusive, personal, holistic services. The Singapore gym has many high-tech perks, including a 3D body scan for new members. This collects around 400 pieces of data that are used to create a 3D model of the customer to track their progress. The gym has an in-house physician, who carries out a wellness analysis and prescribes vitamin supplements tailored to each client's individual needs. It is said to be the most famous fitness club in Asia and boasts an opulent interior, with elegant marble walls that perfectly contrast with the dark wood décor. Copies of exclusive magazines such as Singapore Tatler are on hand, so clients can take a break in between exercising.

Gym Mats

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