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What you need to know about Coconut Matting

The coconut palm is known as the tree of life for a reason; almost every part of it can be used. The coconut is renowned for its many culinary uses – it can produce juice, milk, sugar, flesh and oil. Did you know that the coconut husk, although inedible, can be used in the production of some of the most popular household items?

The coconut husk or the tough outer shell that protects the edible coconut fruit is the key component for everyday products such as bristles, ropes, flower pots and door mats!

Coconut “Coir” Matting

Coir is a natural fibre that is extracted from the husk of a coconut. The husk is soaked in water for several months and is then beaten to soften up the cellulose fibres. A hard yarn is then produced that is spun by hand.

With its high level of lignin, the coconut coir is considered as one of the strongest natural fibres to date. Coir, being a tough and sturdy material, makes an excellent flooring option especially in high traffic areas.

Benefits of using Coconut Matting

Coconut matting has multiple advantages, with key features that make it the perfect natural flooring solution for home and commercial purposes:

Hard wearing

Coconut mats are extremely durable and can withstand repeated use. Also weather resistant, they can resist fungal and bacterial growth - this means that mildew and mould is less likely.

Water Resistant

Coir has hydroscopic properties with the ability to absorb moisture in the air, which effectively creates a balance in the room’s atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly and Affordable

Coir is a natural and biodegradable product that undergoes minimal processing. Unlike synthetic flooring alternatives, no harmful chemicals are used in its production. Additionally, coir matting is considerably cheaper compared with other mats.

Low Maintenance

Requiring minimal effort, the occasional hand washing with a mild soap and water solution will help to prolong the mats lifespan.

Coru860: Coconut Matting from Coruba

Coconut Coir Scraper Entrance Matting 1m wide and up to 10m long

The Coru860 is scraper door matting that is designed to remove unwanted dirt, grit and debris from footwear in entrances and doorways - often used in offices, pubs, restaurants, clubs, homes and industrial entranceways.

Our Coconut Coir Scraping Matting is PVC backed and comes in rolls that are 20m long and 1m wide with a thickness of 17mm: cut lengths are available.


For enquiries, you may contact us on 01702 560194 or email info@coruba.co.uk.

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