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What is Rubber Sheeting

We are all familiar with rubber matting but what is rubber sheeting? Well, rubber sheeting is actually used by many industries. Let’s take a closer look:

 Name:  Rubber Sheeting
 Compounds:  Compounds used for rubber sheeting include EPDM, SBR, PVC,  Natural Rubber, Neoprene or Nitrile
 When to use:  Perfect when in need of an average rubber material
 Application:  Rubber sheeting is popularly used for:

Industrial applications

Construction and remodelling

Shower pans

Drainage systems

Weather stripping

 Advantages:  Rubber sheeting is preferred by many because of the following  qualities:

Oil, grease and fuel resistant

Weather resistant

Durable material

High standard performance

Extreme resistance to wear and tear

Ability to handle physical abrasion

 Process:  Rubber sheeting is created either through moulding (forming  sheets using a mould) or extrusion (forming sheets by using a  stamping tool)
 Grades on the market:  REACH



Economy commercial grade

 Form when bought:  Rubber sheeting can be supplied in rolls, part rolls and cuts.

Rubber sheeting is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Just a friendly tip, keep in mind that there is low-quality rubber sheeting on the market so make sure you source the best quality rubber compounds that you can rely on.

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