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What is Rubber Matting used for?

As an essential safety flooring material to prevent slipping, absorb impact, increase comfort and provide relief from fatigue, rubber matting is used across many applications, from stable flooring to factory matting.

Easy maintenance, rubber matting is popular as a result of its durability and straightforward cleaning requirements. Different specifications, depending on the environment where it will be used, ensure it provides an effective floor covering for facilities in every sector.

Rubber matting

For maximum efficiency, always select the correct rubber matting alternative for each environment - browse Coruba's range of high-quality products.


  • Equestrian/animals

Rubber matting for equestrian and animal use gives our four-legged friends the same level of cushioned comfort that we expect ourselves in their housing and transport. Choose stable mats with non-slip properties, washdown mats for heavy-duty environments, horsebox mats, moulded rubber mats, cobbled designs and many more.

  • Gyms/Leisure Centres

Rubber matting for gyms and leisure centres, fitness centres and other sports facilities is durable, resilient and functional. Perfect for everything from yoga to high-intensity interval training, it enhances safety, promotes stability and provides a more comfortable surface for high impact activities.

  • Building entrances

Providing rubber matting for building entrances protects the area from dirt and moisture. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the robust, hardwearing surface adds to the style, security and hygiene of its surroundings. The mats can feature raised scrapers to remove dirt and debris from the soles of shoes.

  • Manufacturing facilities

Rubber matting is installed in a wide variety of manufacturing facilities, as it is functional for many different purposes. It is used for safety reasons to protect employees and sensitive components from static electricity. Providing greater comfort underfoot, it ultimately improves employee wellbeing and productivity.

  • Construction

The construction industry is recognised as being a dangerous environment: a variety of rubber matting products are available to protect workers and sites from injury and damage, including anti-slip walkway matting and electrical safety matting products.

  • Power Generation

The range of health and safety regulations governing the power generation industry means only the best rubber matting products will suffice, such as Coruba's high-quality electrical matting.

  • Electrical

Used in high voltage environments, control rooms, plant rooms, or in areas where live equipment is handled, rubber is used to create high quality electrical matting with the power to stop or reduce electric currents. Our IEC 61111 matting is made from specially formulated EPDM - all other grades are commercial rubber.

  • Automotive

The automotive industry requires rubber matting that is durable and robust. Assuring strength, resistance and durability, our wipe-clean rubber matting is perfect for use in cars and other vehicles, caravans, and marine vehicles.

Supplying products for almost every environment, Coruba specialises in rubber matting products – in fact, we have one of the largest ranges in the UK! Available in many material styles, grades and sizes, rubber matting is one of the most effective ways to promote safety, protect floor surfaces and improve workforce comfort – popular uses include personal, domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.

For further information, or if you require any assistance, please contact Coruba on 01702 560194 or info@coruba.co.uk.

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