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What Happens When Electricity Hits the Human Body?

As one of the most common causes of workplace accidents in the UK, an electric shock is defined as the physiological reaction that is caused by an electric current that passes through the human body - proper safety equipment such as electrical matting is essential in the industrial environment!

Effects of Electricity on the Human Body

Below One Milliampere

When the body is exposed to a surface with running electricity below a milliampere, it is not generally perceptible - however, that does not mean it is safe. Make sure your electrical safety matting is waterproof, as water allows electricity to pass from machine to person.

One Milliampere

A slightly higher current might make you feel a slight tingle.

Five Milliampere

Slight shocks can be felt at five milliampere. Although they might not be painful, they can still be quite alarming. Strong involuntary reactions caused by the shock could lead to other potentially hazardous incidents.

6 to 25 Milliamperes (Women)

At a level of 6 to 25 milliamperes in women, there is a painful shock and loss of muscle control when left exposed in an unprotected area.

9 to 30 Milliamperes (Men) 

9-30 milliamperes can cause a man’s muscles to go into shock. They can either be thrown away from the power source or left unable to let go – which can result in more serious injuries due to prolonged exposure.

50 to 150 Milliamperes

The body will experience extreme pain, respiratory arrest and severe muscle reactions at 5 to 150 milliamperes. Death is also possible depending on the duration of exposure.

1 to 4.5 Amperes

Exposure to 1-4.5 amperes can cause the human heart to cease its rhythmic pumping. Muscle contractions, nerve damage and even death is possible.

Ten Amperes and Above

At this level, the human body experiences cardiac arrest, severe burns and possible death.

Workplace electrical accidents are something that we all want to prevent. By following the necessary safety precautions, you can significantly reduce the risks of an electric shock. Always use quality electrical mats from Coruba... reliable and durable, our products are vigorously tested. Phone 01702 560194 and place your order today.

Prevention is better than cure!

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