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Rubber Stable Matting: The Ultimate Bedding Solution for Your Horses


Our equine friends are like part of the family and it is important to us that they are safe and well looked after.

Why Put Mats in Stables?

Stables come in different forms. Some use a sandy flooring solution – the warm and easy nature can be relieving to the horses' limbs, therefore affording a great deal of comfort. More commonly, stables are complete with a concrete floor which is much easier to clean and maintain - the downside; this can be quite hard on the horses’ legs, which over time can cause them pain and discomfort.

Rubber stable matting is quickly becoming the top bedding alternative for horses and indeed general livestock. Easy to clean and maintain, these efficient mats are a resourceful method of adding warmth and comfort; they can be used as the sole flooring solution or in addition to other bedding alternatives.


Rubber Stable Mats Can Provide Non-slip Protection

Concrete flooring can be hazardous, especially when wet. A rubber stable mats’ non-slip feature can prevent potentially fatal incidents – rubber mats give a similar grip to the natural environment which helps the horse to get up from the ground in the way it would in regular circumstances.

Rubber Stable Mats Can Give Better Insulation

Other bedding materials such as straw, wood shavings and sawdust are sometimes not up to the challenge of maintaining a warm and pleasant environment – especially during the more challenging winter months. As a place to shelter away from the elements, stables should be carefully considered; they must afford the optimum warmth and comfort. Rubber stable matting is a waterproof bedding option that provides reliable insulation. Easier and more convenient to clean, it is also a more hygienic bedding solution.

Rubber Stable Mats Can Serve as a Cushion

Soft, shock-absorbent surfaces can soothe your animals, helping them to become less stressed. By actively relaxing the horses' joints, rubber matting can also maintain their health and wellbeing.

How does it benefit the Owner?

Rubber stable mats may be designed with horses in mind but they are also proven to be highly beneficial to the stable owners:

Reduced Costs

Although the purchase price can be quite costly, don’t let the initial expense put you off. For the durability and low maintenance benefits alone, rubber stable matting is a more cost-effective option.

Less Time and Labour

Cleaning a stable has never been easier. It takes a fraction of the time to sweep away the surface dirt –giving you more time for other duties. Although these mats will benefit from being power hosed and disinfected from time to time to reduce any unpleasant odours, a good stable matting option will drain efficiently, actively reducing the ammonia vapour in the stable environment – it needs to be cleaned on the underside about once or twice a year. Here’s a thought; just think of all that extra space you will acquire - there will be no need to store bulk bedding materials.

Whether you are organising your first stable or looking to improve your existing setup, our wide range of rubber stable matting products can guarantee the love, warmth and support that your horses deserve!

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