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Things You Need to Know about Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

As one of the most versatile rubber options, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer M-class (EPDM) rubber is an intensely durable and flexible rubber that is used extensively across various industrial and commercial applications. This specialised material is specially created to withstand extreme weather conditions and environmental aggressions.

More about EPDM

Ethylene and Propylene are EPDM’s primary components - collected from oil and natural gas. The additional component, Diene Monomer, is mainly responsible for the rubber’s flexibility. When combined, these chemical components create an EPDM rubber that is suitable for different domestic and industrial uses.

Distinct Features of EPDM

Extreme Durability

EPDM rubber typically lasts for between 30 and 50 years, depending on how it is maintained. Its superior and long-term performance is attributed to the high-quality materials used to create it.


Strong Weather and Ozone Resistance

Known for its superb airtight and watertight properties, this rubber is resistant to wind and hail damage, as well as UV radiation – making it an ideal material for weather strips and rubber roofing.


Chemical Resistance

EPDM rubber is also impervious to chemicals such as ketones, diluted acids and alkaline.


Insulation and Thermal Properties

More than weather, ozone and chemical resistance, EPDM rubber also has good insulation properties – protecting the material and the user from extreme heat and fire. Withstanding temperatures from -20°C to +90°C, this makes it suitable for use in industries that use live equipment with a low to medium voltage range.

Different Uses of EPDM

With distinct characteristics, EPDM rubber is a flexible solution that can be used in a number of industrial and commercial applications:


A Roofing System for both Domestic and Industrial Buildings

Since it can resist extreme temperatures, EPDM rubber roofing is a pocket-friendly solution that is suitable for homes and business premises.


Gaskets and Seals for Industrial Use

With great insulation and thermal properties, EPDM can be used to manufacture rubber gaskets and seals.


Glass Run Channels Used In Door and Window Manufacturing

Noise resistance is another notable feature and EPDM can provide additional protection to door and window frames.


Weather Stripping or Hydraulic Brake Systems for Automotive Use

This elastomer can protect vehicles from changing temperatures. Shock-absorbing benefits also help to maintain vehicle windows, cushioning them against extreme vibrations during vehicle operations.


Other Industrial Materials

Items like garden and appliance hoses, rubber mechanical goods, electrical insulations and stringer covers are just some of the products that are created with EPDM rubber.

Coruba offers high quality rubber products that are made from EPDM. Contact us on 01702 560194 for further enquiries and information.

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