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The World’s Biggest Tyre

Titan Tire Corporation is one of America's biggest manufacturers of off-highway tyres, wheels and assemblies, used on equipment in agricultural, earthmoving/construction and consumer sectors.

The business has been in operation since 1993 and continues to go from strength to strength. Over the years, Titan has purchased the off-road tyre assets of Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation, Fidelity Tire, Continental AG in Ohio, Denman Tire, Goodyear in Latin America and the farm tyre sector of Goodyear.

As well as proving successful in its business acquisitions, the Titan Tire Corporation became famous for creating the world's largest tyre in 2008. Measuring a staggering 14 foot tall and weighing 12,500 pounds, the mammoth 63-inch off-the-road tyre was designed for use on mining vehicles. Demand for such a tyre became evident when mining operators began to favour larger equipment to help slash operating costs.

Although most of the 63-inch Titan tyres are shipped to the oil sands of Alberta in Canada, other countries benefit from their use, with Titan producing approximately 900 units annually for a global market.

Due to the enormity of the tyre's size, producing a single unit is no mean feat. In fact, it takes a complete eight-hour shift to manufacture just one 63-inch tyre, and it's the trickiest tyre to develop for the Titan brand. Much of the production work is manual, with an assembly line process. Two employees are required to make each tyre, based on a design concept similar to aircraft tyres.

Demand for the hefty tyre has been on the increase, forcing Titan to expand its production premises. Already a second generation of the 63-inch tyre has been produced, with compound enhancements and a multi-ply nylon radial carcass to minimise any failures. In the unlikely event a failure does occur on the tyre, a unique serial number moulded onto it can track its production history.

Shipping these mighty beasts is a mammoth task in itself, and a major contributor to costs. Titan has, therefore, designed a truck that makes transporting the tyres easier, faster and more economical.

The Titan brand has also broken other tyre-related records in more recent times, having created the world's largest farm tyre. The Goodyear Optitrac LSW1400/30R46 boasts a sizeable section width of 1,400mm and is especially geared towards 4WD tractors.

Before Titan created the 63-inch tyre, the previous world record holder for the largest ever tyre was a company called Bridgestone. The Bridgestone 59/80R63 V-Steel E-Lug S tyre weighs in at 5.1 metric tonnes and has a girth of 57.9 metres. Michelin North American Inc is also a competitor of Titan in the 63-inch tyre market, and Goodyear has even produced its own version.

The creation of this new breed of super-size tyres shows just how important and useful rubber is to assist in many tasks.

Although we don’t manufacture tyres, if you need rubber products that include everything from rubber matting to gaskets and seals, sheeting or mouldings, Coruba provides great value, high quality rubber products for a variety of applications.

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