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The World’s Biggest Collection of Erasers

Although erasers have a practical purpose for removing pencil marks, many people choose to collect them instead. The huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and scents makes erasers an interesting item to own and collect, with their affordability and diminutive size making them convenient to purchase and store.

The current record holder for the world's largest collection of rubbers is Petra Engels from Germany. Boasting an impressive 19,571 individual erasers from 112 countries, Petra started her collection at the age of nine. Having collected erasers for well over two decades, Petra keeps them safely tucked away in 22 show cases and a cupboard with 12 drawers.

Inspired by Petra's achievement, a nine-year-old boy from Lancashire, Matthew Waring, has set himself the challenge to break the Guinness World Record. Already owning 3,500 rubbers, Matthew believes he stands a good chance of toppling Petra Engel's crown, as she started her collection at the same age as him. The young boy gets a new rubber every week and claims that his Japanese Iwako erasers are his favourite - in fact, Japanese erasers are especially prized by rubber collectors, where the country even boasts its own eraser museum!

Petra and Matthew aren't the only ones to indulge in a spot of eraser collecting. Peeyush Kamlesh Shah from India claims to have 9,500 rubbers in his collection, which he started at the age of seven. Also, Khushboo Marda Malani from Delhi owns 14,553 erasers, which have been categorised into many different types. A woman in China also boasts details of her eraser collection on a Youtube posting, where she admits to owning tens of thousands of them. So large is her collection, she has to keep them in a separate storage room.

Many people start an eraser collection simply as a hobby but for others it's all about smashing world records. Getting your name in the Guinness World Records is a real achievement, and it's not just erasers that people are passionate about amassing.

Demetra Koutsouridou from Greece holds the world record for the most pencil sharpeners, with a total of 8,514. Tushar Lakhanpal from India boasts the largest number of pencils at 19,824. When it comes to collecting ballpoint pens, Angelika Unverhau from Dinslaken in Germany could consider herself a pro. Having built up a collection of 285,150 from 148 different countries, this makes her a Guinness World Record holder. She has been building her collection in earnest since 1990, but always enjoyed collecting unusual pens even as a child. Another Guinness World Record holder from Germany, Gerhard Wenzel of Solingen has collected the most electronic calculators ever, totalling an impressive 4,113 - now that's a lot of number crunching!

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