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The Truly Original Pink Panther!

As the one and only, truly original, the Pink Panther is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time!

The idea for the Pink Panther was born in 1963, when a movie director required a cartoon cat for the title sequence of a new film, the Pink Panther. Featuring a French detective, Clouseau, and a jewellery thief known as the Phantom, the film director wanted the cat to be visible whenever someone peered at a large gem, known as the Pink Panther.

So popular was the title sequence to the Pink Panther that the original animator was commissioned to devise a series of short cartoons with the pink cat as the main star. These cartoons were shown in cinemas before the start of a film.

The Pink Panther cartoons would depict the cat getting into unusual situations, and often his adventures would earn him heroic status, even if he failed to succeed in his particular endeavours. Although generally acting to the best intentions, the Pink Panther is often very clumsy, sometimes causing havoc when simply trying to do the right thing.

Inspector Clouseau in the series is equally clumsy, but also bumbling and rather incompetent at solving cases, although some how he does manage to solve the crimes in the end, and even gets a promotion. A character who resembles the Inspector, known as the Little Man, also appears throughout the original series and is seen in various guises.

The opening sequence is a highlight of each show, with a young boy driving the Panthermobile, alongside images of animals and the Pink Panther. As the Panthermobile parks up outside a theatre, the Pink Panther and the Inspector emerge from the vehicle. In the closing credits, the Inspector is seen getting back into the Panthermobile and driving off, with the Pink Panther chasing after him. The catchy Pink Panther theme tune won three Grammy Awards and was even released as a single.

Many of the Pink Panther episodes were hits with viewers, but standout shows include 'Shocking Pink', from 1965, where the cat's attempts at bathroom plumbing create havoc, culminating in a tumble down the stairs and a waterlogged bathroom. In 'Psst Pink', from 1971, the cat's clumsy side is once again portrayed when he changes the tyre on his car and manages to lose the spare. He's seen chasing after it down the road. The good intentional character of the Pink Panther is evident in 'Keep Our Forests Pink' from 1975, when the cat attempts to tidy up a park, despite the Little Man leaving his litter.

The Pink Panther cartoon shorts were televised from 1969 until 1979. The animated cat featured in 124 short films, 10 TV shows and four TV specials. After the show was rebranded as the All New Pink Panther Show in 1978, it continued for one further season.

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