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The Guide to Rubber Matting

There are several applications in which you could use your rubber matting but were you aware that there are different kinds of rubber matting to suit each application?


Whether it’s a home or commercial gym, you can always rely on linkable rubber mats. The design of these mats will make your gym look cleaner and more organised. Just make sure that the rubber mats you use are durable and non-slip.

Recommended Rubber Matting:

EVA Foam Mats


Pamper your equine friends! Stable matting with amoebic and cobbled designs will be perfect for your stables. You can purchase rubber mats with a reversible wide ribbed pattern to promote effective drainage.

Recommended Rubber Matting:

Linkable Rubber Matting, EVA Foam Mats, Rubber Ramp Matting, Transporter Ramp Matting

Children’s Playground

Open ring rubber mats are perfect for play areas. With excellent drainage properties, these mats are also suitable for wet areas like pools.

Recommended Rubber Matting:

Foam Matting, Runner Matting

Electrical Workplace

Rubber mats that comply with BS EN 61111 2009 are perfect for high risk areas. These mats are industrially tested and can resist different voltage levels to keep you safe in the workplace.

Recommended Rubber Matting:

Switchboard Matting, BS EN 61111 Rubber Matting


Rubber safety mats are invaluable in the home, especially if you have young children. Anti-fatigue mats with non-slip properties are ideal. Providing support to those who are on their feet all day, they also help to prevent accidents.

Recommended Rubber Matting:

Anti-Fatigue Mats, Connectable Rubber Mats, PVC Linkable Mats


With its classic design, checker plate rubber matting will look great in the car. It can be cut to size according to the specifications of your car.

Recommended Rubber Matting:

Rubber Runner Matting

Look after your rubber matting and your rubber matting will look after you… wherever you intend to use it!

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