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The Pet Shop Boys

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe formed one of the most successful British dance music bands of the 1980s era.

The Pet Shop Boys met in an electronics shop in London in 1981, where they bonded over their love for dance music. Although they were originally going to name their group West End, they later changed it to the Pet Shop Boys, in recognition of some friends who worked in a pet shop.

At the time, Neil worked as deputy editor for Smash Hits magazine. When interviewing The Police in New York, Neil took the opportunity to present a demo tape to record producer Bobby Orlando.

Clearly impressed by the tape, Orlando worked with the duo to record 11 tracks, including West End Girls, It's A Sin, Opportunities, Rent and One More Chance. Although the partnership ended in 1985, the Pet Shop Boys went on to work with manager Tom Watkins and signed to the Parlophone label.

With their catchy synthpop tunes, often making reference to cultural or political ideas or personal experiences, the duo quickly made a name for themselves in the pop charts. They scored four UK number one hits - West End Girls, It's A Sin, Always On My Mind and Heart - as well as a further 38 Top 30 singles. They also enjoyed international success, selling over 100 million records worldwide.

Released in 1986, the Pet Shop Boys' debut album, Please, was quickly followed by other studio albums including Actually, Introspective, Behaviour and Very. With 13 albums released in total, the duo's latest album from 2016, Super, coincides with the recent Super Tour for 2018. To maintain a consistent theme, each album boasts just a single word.

As pioneers of synthesiser dance music, the Pet Shops Boys had a unique style that made them stand out in the charts. They didn't dance on stage and were often characterised by the things they didn't want to do. Although a dance music act, the pair were heavily influenced by opera and theatre staging, and this was clearly reflected in their first tour in 1989.

The Pet Shop Boys also enjoyed a number of successful collaborations over the years including Liza Minnelli, Robbie Williams, David Bowie, Elton John, Blur and Kylie Minogue. They also produced records for Dusty Springfield and their collaboration, What Have I Done To Deserve This? reached number two in the UK charts in 1987. The pop group have also released a film and musical shows.

Regarded as one of the most successful UK pop duos by The Guinness Book of Records, the Pet Shops Boys have also picked up a number of awards over their almost 40-year career. With three Brit Awards, six Grammy nominations, accolades for Outstanding Contribution to Music and NME's Godlike Genius Award, the duo has certainly made an impression on the charts that continues to this day.

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