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The Kitchen Essential You Never Thought You Needed


This particular kitchen essential is not used in the cooking process itself. It cannot be used for cutting, mincing, slicing or frying. This important kitchen accessory that we are talking about is rubber kitchen matting. Commonly used in restaurant kitchens, it can also be used at home.

Why is it important? 

It helps prevent accidents that usually happen in the kitchen

The kitchen is prone to grease, water and other liquid residues. These substances could potentially make the kitchen flooring slippery and prone to accidents. Rubber matting can prevent those accidents from happening.

It could make you feel more comfortable

Preparing the ingredients and then the actual cooking requires a lot of time. This means that the chef or cook also needs to stand for a long period of time. Some rubber kitchen mats are designed to reduce stress and leg fatigue and are especially useful in restaurants where chefs and kitchen assistants stand during the entire working shift.

The kitchen is easier to maintain

We have mentioned that kitchens are prone to spills. Rather than mopping the kitchen floor every time something spills, you could use a rubber kitchen flooring alternative with drainage features. Although cleaning the floor is still necessary, rubber kitchen mats allow you to continue work without worrying about hazardous conditions.

What are its features?

Holes and drainage features

Rubber kitchen mats typically have holes and demonstrate a drainage system to deal with spills. This helps to avoid slipping, while preventing the spills from flowing to other parts of the work area. This will also make the kitchen easier to clean.

Anti-fatigue property

Rubber kitchen matting has an anti-fatigue property that promotes comfort, even to those who are required to stand for prolonged periods. This feature could also actively increase productivity because kitchen personnel are able to work without suffering leg or back fatigue.


Rubber kitchen matting is usually made of synthetic rubber. Long lasting and durable, it can help save on regular matting replacements.

Grease resistant

Kitchens are also prone to grease and rubber kitchen matting is usually grease resistant. [NW1] Aside from dispelling grease (usually to the drain), it can also help to avoid accidents caused by slippery substances.

Where to put kitchen rubber matting?

In restaurant kitchens it is advisable to install rubber kitchen matting throughout. Alternatively, you could simply add rubber matting to the sink area and in the actual cooking area.


Kitchen rubber mats are easy to clean:

• First, you should transfer the rubber matting to an open area.
• Rinse the rubber mats with water and add a cleaning solution.
• Brush the rubber mats to remove stains or dirt. By using a brush with a long handle and stiff bristles you will make the job easier.
• Rinse the rubber mats again.
• Let them dry. Rubber mats dry easier than mats that are made from other materials.

You may also ask your supplier for more maintenance tips.

Indeed, rubber kitchen matting is a kitchen essential that most people think they don’t need.

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