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The Key Benefits of Weather Strips for Your Home

Rubber weather strips are a great solution for cracks and gaps in wall structures, windows and doors. They are a cost-effective fix for different housing requirements as the different seasons approach.

Save on heating costs

During the winter, cold air passes through doors and windows causing low temperature build-up inside your home; this then forces your heaters or radiators to function a little bit harder.

The average heating bill in the UK is about £607 per winter for a two-bedroom flat. Weather strips are perfect for insulating the house and keeping heating costs lower… and that’s not all!

Extended benefits in the summer

Insulation is not the only benefit afforded by weather strips – they also extend their support to the summer, ensuring that cooler air remains inside the house… there’s more!

Easy to install

Applying your weather strip is an easy do-it-yourself task… a perfect chore for the weekend, depending on the size of your home, of course.

Whatever the season, there is no doubt that weather strips provide a fast and easy solution for home insulation.

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