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The Importance of Rubber Matting to Sports


As the floor in a sports facility is where most of the strenuous activity takes place, it should take priority over other safety considerations. Although we accept that not all accidents can be prevented, you can definitely take some effective precautionary measures to minimise injury potential.

Rubber Matting for Sports

Extremely durable, rubber can absorb shock from any athletic activity and reduce the severity of accidents. As an exceptionally versatile standard flooring material, it can be used for multi-function floors.

The following sports make effective use of rubber matting in their sports facilities. Since each sport has its own distinct features, it will require a different type and style of rubber to achieve maximum benefits:

Weight Training

Rubber is a very popular solution in this field. For best results, use the correct rubber solution to suit the training area.

  • Heavy Equipment – for gyms and school athletic facilities that involve heavy equipment, rubber should be solidly built and closely compacted so that it can tolerate extreme weight without bending or breaking.
  • Free Weight Areas – thicker rubber allows immediate bounce back and can serve as a cushioning for dropped weights.
  • Olympic Lifts – firm rubber is suitable for maximum physical output while protecting the floor beneath.


Indoor track and field facilities also make use of rubber flooring. Rubber tracks need to be durable and they need to be able to stand up to extensive exposure to physical wear and tear. The rubber used here should also be flexible so that it can be moulded to the bends in the track.

Aerobics and Plyometric

To create harder impact upon landing in plyometric drills, mastering fast, powerful and explosive movements is important. Aerobic exercises create shaking movements like jumping, lunging and running which can be risky to athletes on unsafe platforms.

Rubber matting for plyometric and aerobics should be spongier to create excellent grip for frequent changes in direction.


Surprisingly, rubber is also prevalent at ice rinks. Used to surround the actual ice, including the bench, rubber serves as a protective surface so that skaters can move around safely. Since the floor takes a real hit from all the skates, it is essential to choose a resilient rubber that can tolerate extreme pressure.

Maintaining Your Rubber

While rubber is known for its low-cost maintenance benefits, the growth of bacteria and fungus cannot be avoided, especially in vulnerable areas like athletic facilities. Regular cleaning is essential.

Coruba has everything you’re looking for when it comes to your sports floor safety precautions. Contact us on 01702 560194 and we’ll be happy to guide you through our extensive range of rubber matting solutions.

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