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Coru545: The General Purpose of Rubber Matting


Most rubber mats are made for general purposes. To start the year 2016, we have decided to feature one general purpose rubber matting alternative from our rubber mat collection. Let’s see why Coru545 is the Rubber Mat of the Month!

Smart Design


A very smart design, the Coru545 has a classic ‘checker plate’ pattern on the reverse that provides anti-slip benefits.

Colour and Thickness Variation



Coru545 is available in two classic colours that are perfect for any application – black and grey. You can also buy this rubber matting in a 3mm or 4.5mm thickness.

This rubber matting can easily be cut into different sizes and shapes to suit your preferences and it is readily available in various lengths.

Feel like you still need a more specialised approach? Don’t worry because special orders are available. You can choose the width, length, thickness and colour. Just take note that special orders are subject to minimum order sizes.

General Application


Ideal for any general industrial rubber matting purpose it is perfect for tread mats, walkways, runners and general purpose industrial applications where a multi directional tread pattern is required.

Smart Cleaning

We all want something that is easy to clean and Coru545 is just the ticket. Low maintenance and non-slip, this rubber matting can be easily cleaned with water.

Working Temperature

This rubber matting option is suitable for applications in temperatures ranging from -20°C (minimum) to +70°C (maximum).

Rubber Compound

Would you like natural rubber?  The Coru545 can be made to suit your requirements.

All rubber matting comes with its own set of unique characteristics but Coru545 will always be a great choice for general rubber matting applications.

Check our Rubber Mat of the Month (December 2015) on this page.

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