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The Faces of Rubber Matting

faces of rubber matting infographic

Rubber matting is commonly utilised in household and industrial settings. Let’s meet the rubber matting family one by one:

Mr. Electrical Rubber Matting

Hi! I am Electrical Matting! I pass the BS EN 61111 2009 standard and can handle from 1,000 Volts to 36,000 Volts, depending on my Class.

Ms. Door Mat

Hello everyone! I am your friendly Door Mat, at your service. Always ship-shape and reporting for duty, I will help to remove the dirt from your shoes before you go indoors. I am also very easy to clean.

Master Gym Mat

Let’s get physical! Hi, I’m Gym Mat and I will help you on your journey to a healthy body. Your gym equipment is safe with me as I will support its weight against the hard concrete. We can even roll around on the floor together if you want… to do an exercise routine, of course!

Mumma Safety Rubber Mat

Always looking after everyone, Mumma Safety Rubber Mat promotes safety around your kitchen, pool area, playground, etc. Her natural nurturing abilities will help you to avoid accidental slips and trips.

Corporal Vehicle Matting

Corporal Vehicle Matting, ready for action… Let me take care of you as I safeguard against foot fatigue. I will also protect the interior of your vehicle from wear and tear.

You are in great hands with the Rubber Matting family! Choose from the various solutions to satisfy your needs, budget and product expectations.

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