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Electrical Safety Enemies and How to Beat Them

We all want a safe workstation, especially if we are dealing with electricity in the workplace. There are many enemies that can jeopardise your safety. Let’s meet them and beat them!

Enemy #1 - DUST

DESTRUCTION POWER: Dust inside machines can cause equipment failure.

HOW TO STOP: Use rubber carpet mats that can trap dust and the soil coming from your shoes. Clean these mats regularly.

Enemy #2 - MOISTURE

DESTRUCTION POWER: Moisture coming up through the floor can cause electrocution. This can also destroy your machines.

HOW TO STOP: Use electrical rubber mats to cover the areas surrounding your workstation. This will prevent moisture from affecting your machines, while providing added safety.

Enemy #3 – WIRES

DESTRUCTION POWER: Some wires are peeled which can cause electrocution.

HOW TO STOP: Familiarise yourself with where these wires are placed. If there are underground wires, make sure you cover the walkways with rubber mats.


DESTRUCTION POWER: Even the most user-friendly equipment can cause electrical failures and fires once it is damaged.

HOW TO STOP: Check all equipment regularly. Make sure that it is in perfect condition before turning it on. Wear protective gear and make sure your workplace is safe.

Fight for your electrical safety and defeat all the enemies in your path!

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