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The Characteristics of a Good Flooring Solution for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Facilities

Patients recovering from illness and injury need a functional and safe flooring solution to improve their mobility conditions. Out of the many options, rubber flooring provides the most comfortable and sound flooring alternative for people who are undergoing physical rehabilitation.

What makes rubber flooring the most ideal surface for treatment facilities? Here are some of the beneficial characteristics that make it the perfect solution:

Shock Absorbent

Recovering patients are likely to experience multiple falls during their therapy. Rubber flooring is thick and soft, providing a cushioning effect in the event of falls and thus preventing further injuries.

Slip Resistant

Slips and falls may lead to further fractures, lacerations or internal bleeding. Rubber flooring dramatically reduces slip and fall-related incidents because of its ability to provide excellent grip and traction in wet and dry conditions.


Training areas for patients that need physical therapy usually experience heavy traffic as patients are encouraged to move around to speed up their recovery. Rubber is substantial enough to stay in place but you may also consider heavy duty adhesives for an even better hold.


Rubber Flooring can last between twenty to thirty years. Known for its exceptional wear and tear resistance, it is resilient in a variety of conditions.

Low Maintenance

Rubber flooring requires minimal upkeep which makes it the most practical choice among other flooring alternatives.


For your affordable and high quality rubber flooring, call Coruba today on 01702 560194.

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