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The Best Gym Music of 2018

Listening to music is a top choice of activity at any time, but it's especially beneficial if you're a gym junkie.

Working out to your favourite tunes boosts motivation and increases adrenaline. It can even make you feel more energised. Since music distracts your brain, it can take your mind off the physical duress of exercising, giving you the push you need to go that bit further. In particular, songs with a strong beat can keep movements consistent during exercise. Music also lifts your spirits, and with all those exercise-inducing endorphins flooding your body, you'll feel even better.

Listening to gym music

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Here are some of 2018’s top tunes to include on your playlist… time to work that body!


Avicii - Levels

Levels by EDM guru Avicii topped Spotify's workout list in 2014, but with the sad and untimely death of Tim Bergling this year, this toe-tapping classic deserves its place back on this year's gym playlist. Full of pumping beats that won't keep you still for long, this tune is perfect for cardio and HIIT sessions. The lyrics 'I get a good feeling' will also resonate with the endorphin high you get from your workout.


Armin Van Buuren - The Train

Research has found that high-energy trance music is the best genre of music to exercise to. In particular, trance tracks without lyrics can help you to focus and concentrate on the activity in hand. Trance is the perfect workout partner, as the notes contain a lot of patternisation, harmonising with repetitive actions and allowing you to easily slip into a rhythm. Armin Van Buuren's The Train is a classic choice, and with its speedy 131 beats per minute, it's just the track for runners.


Post Malone - Rockstar

Rockstar rapper Post Malone has enjoyed a successful 2018, with his Beerbongs & Bentleys album thrusting him into the spotlight and spawning a succession of singles. Although his number one hit, Rockstar, was released in 2017, it has continued to be a workout favourite well into this year. Breaking the single week streaming record on Apple, with over 25 million streams, Rockstar is currently the second most popular workout song on Spotify's 2018 streaming list. Exuding a chilled-out vibe, Rockstar is a great song to stretch or wind down to post-exercise, or for lower intensity activities.


Eminem - Till I Collapse

With thumping beats, a toe-tapping rhythm and motivational lyrics pouring from this rap legend's mouth, it's easy to see why Eminem's Till I Collapse is the most streamed workout song on Spotify for the second year running. Even if you don't normally listen to rap, you'll find it hard not to get hooked into the groove of this 2002 masterpiece, when pounding the treadmill or pumping the weights.


Queen - Another One Bites The Dust

It might be 2018, but there's no reason why a golden oldie track shouldn't feature on your workout list for the year. If pumping iron is your thing, this Queen classic with its repetitive thumping bass will help to keep your reps in check.


Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams

It's not always about pumping basslines and speedy beats per minute when hitting the gym, especially if you're looking for some Zen during a chill-out yoga session. To help you achieve the desired poses and get into a positive frame of mind, this feel-good Coldplay tune makes anything feel possible.

Music can certainly give your workout sessions the boost you need, but with Coruba's high-quality rubber matting suitable for gyms, you can also enjoy a comfortable and safe exercise experience.

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