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The Benefits of Using Rubber Mats for Cow Sheds


In the UK, a dairy cow’s average working life is around four lactations; unfortunately, some cows are subjected to unacceptable conditions that lead to a shorter production period. Poor housing can have an adverse effect on a cow’s health and welfare, with one of the major considerations being the floor.

Flooring Options for Cows

Most animal facilities have concrete flooring since it is cheap and easy to install but due to its hard and slippery surface, concrete can pose some serious health hazards.

A study that was conducted using six different flooring options revealed that locomotion and friction is better on rubber surfaces. Further research concluded that 80% of the livestock used in the trials preferred walking and standing on rubber compared to concrete.

Advantages of Installing Rubber Mats in Cow Sheds       

A cow’s feet are intended for softer surfaces; rubber mats are proven to have a positive impact on their mobility, health, hygiene and behaviour – not to mention milk production.

These other features make rubber mats ideal for cow handling:

Non-Slip Surface

Rubber mats not only minimise the risk of slipping, they also increase a cow’s stride and step length.  Cows prefer rubber mats as softer floors are similar to their natural habitat - grassy fields. Cows become more active as they take longer and more steps per day.

Provide Cushion and Support

Rubber mats can prevent foot and joint disorders that can occur when a cow regularly stands for a prolonged period of time on a hard surface. They can also absorb noise from animal movement and machinery.

Excellent Insulation

The installation of rubber mats significantly reduces the cold and humidity from the base flooring; its insulating properties help to protect cows against rheumatism and fatigue.


Rubber mats are easy to clean and disinfect- they are non-porous and do not retain moisture. They also have better waste drainage which ensures better sanitary conditions.

When a cow is ill or injured, it will invariably affect milk production; it will also require extra labour and incur financial losses. The careful management of  cows’ living conditions will ensure their health, well-being and overall performance - For quality rubber cow mats, Coruba of course!

Coru620: Linkable Cow Mat from Coruba


Coru620 Extra Heavy Duty Cow, Horse and Animal Bed Mats - Linkable

Coruba offers quality animal matting solution that provides durability, extra cushioning, comfort and durability to cows. Our Coru620 is made of 100% rubber and is suitable for all animals. Our premium full range of animal matting is available in different sizes, thickness, colours and finishes.

If you’re in need of assistance, simply call us at 01702 560194 or email info@coruba.co.uk.

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