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The Benefits of Rubber Flooring for Your Company

Rubber flooring products such as matting and tiles provide improved safety measures in most working facilities, especially in manufacturing companies.

These rubber products are known for safeguarding against accidents, promoting a risk-free environment.

Advantages of this anti-slip product include:

Improves trust in safety

Helping industries to comply with the Workplace Regulation of the Health and Safety Executive, rubber flooring raises safety standards and improves employees’ confidence, especially when they are required to operate different equipment in wet or oily environments such as loading bays, manufacturing areas, etc.

Helps cut out accident costs

Rubber flooring is generally slip-resistant. It doesn’t just prevent accidents that may harm employees it also helps to avoid workplace damages costs including accident pay, machinery repairs or even death claims. As rubber flooring is also resistant to shocks, it could also help prevent or minimise the damage to dropped tools and equipment, providing a softer landing.

Reduces friction between equipment and the floor

The friction between equipment and the floor usually produces a louder noise which could distract other employees. Rubber flooring helps minimise disruption and prevents equipment damage.

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