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The Advantages of Rubber Matting in a Children’s Outdoor Play Area


Every good parent wants to ensure the safety of their child but as much as you’d like to keep an eye on them all the time – you have to let kids be kids. Allowing your children to lead an active lifestyle is essential for them to grow up happy and healthy.

Designing a child’s “special place” might be a daunting task as there are many considerations that should be taken into account. Of course, your main priority is to keep them out of harm’s way. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, there are approximately 40,000 injuries to children in playgrounds each year, resulting in hospital visits. The data stated that poor equipment design or failure to comply with safety standards are among the leading reasons for these accidents.

Before you worry about the equipment, you must first address the suitability of the surface surrounding the play area; inevitably, children will trip or fall as they run and jump around. To prevent injuries that might result in serious accidents or even worse, you must choose the most suitable material.

Flooring for Outdoor Play Areas

There are several options to choose from when selecting the perfect flooring for your playground. Some of the most common materials include:

Wood Chips

Wood chips became a popular choice due to their affordability. You can save more than half the cost if you opt to use them over other materials. However, harmful chemicals can be found on treated woods; these chemical additives can be absorbed by the human body and may cause lung and bladder cancers.


Much like wood chips, sand is very affordable and readily available but it may conceal alien bodies such as sharp objects, small insects or animal excrement. Sand can also be very messy.

Rubber Flooring

Perhaps the safest bet, rubber can cushion any falls. It’s great at absorbing impact and is highly durable.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring

-        Rubber mats have shock-absorbing and anti-slip properties

-        Low maintenance, rubber flooring is relatively easy to clean

-        It is suitable for wheel chair access

-        Available in different patterns and colours, it is appealing to a child

Keeping children safe is no easy task but getting the foundation right will give you far less to worry about.  Rubber flooring is perfect for domestic play areas and public playgrounds alike!

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