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Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Stable Mats

Maintaining the hygiene of your Stable Matting for horses and other animals is important, as this will contribute towards the happiness of your equine friends. Stable Matting is a good bedding alternative, as it provides comfortable flooring and insulation to the animals.

To keep your stable mats in excellent condition, here are some suggestions:

1. Use non-bio detergent for cleaning.

Warm water mixed with non-biological washing powder is the perfect solution for cleaning stable mats. Solvents or other undiluted disinfectants can sometimes cause your animals to suffer respiratory problems and skin irritation. Use a stiff broom for brushing and a lightweight shovel for mucking out.

2. Clean your stable as often as possible.

Sweeping it every other day to eliminate excess hay could help to maintain the quality of the stable matting. Regularly check for any floor problems. When replacing the newly cleaned stable mats, make sure that the floor is dry and free of debris.

3. Check the drainage of your stable mats.

This is to ensure that no sediment is clogging up the drainage channels. Sediment can be washed away by lifting a corner of the mat and directing water onto it.

4. Determine the total measurement of your stable.

Familiarise yourself with the stable’s dimensions so that you can calculate the number of mats you will require. To adjust to size, use a sharp knife and a straight wood edge to guide the straight cut. The bedding should be close to the doorway - preferably 4 feet (1.2 m) away from the front wall and door.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Select stable mats with an anti-slip finish and drainage features.

It is important to choose the style of the mat wisely. Mats with anti-slip benefits on one side, coupled with a good drainage pattern on the other, afford a much better solution over other stable matting alternatives.

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