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Switchboard Matting could save Your Life


Imagine yourself at work in a place where high voltage equipment is prevalent.

Many workers have to face this kind of danger in their jobs so it’s important that we have a better understanding of the dangers they face on a daily basis. So, what will happen to the human body if it is subjected to an electrical current (ampere)? Let’s find out:

1 Milliampere

At this level, electricity is not too much of a danger. You will probably just experience a faint tingle on the skin.

5 Milliampere

This is where things start to become disturbing. You might experience a slight shock that might not be painful, but it could trigger a strong involuntary reaction that could further lead to other injuries.

6 to 25 Milliampere on Women

A woman who has contact with an electrical current of this magnitude will experience a painful shock and lose muscle control.

9 to 30 Milliampere on Men

At this level, a man may be thrown away from the surface of the electric source. It can also result in a strong involuntary muscle reaction.

50 to 150 Milliamperes

Extreme pain will be felt and you will also experience respiratory arrest and severe uncontrollable muscle reactions that can result in death.

1.0 to 4.3 Amperes

At this point, body nerves will be damaged and muscular contraction will occur. The normal rhythmic heartbeat pattern will also cease.

10 Amperes

You will invariably experience cardiac arrest and severe burns with this amount of electric current. It can result in immediate death.

Switchboard Mats for Your Safety

If you work with machines and equipment with electric currents you should carefully consider your safety. To counteract electrical currents, switchboard mats are an invaluable addition in areas where workers are obliged to work with high or low voltage equipment.

Switchboard mats are made of high quality rubber and they are fully tested to prevent electric shocks. Built to protect people from electrical currents, they can withstand anything from 450 to 11,000 volts.

Be careful when purchasing your switchboard mats to ensure that your dealer’s products are compliant with the necessary standards for rubber mats.

Always remember that electricity is a deadly foe. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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