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Super Rubber Matting

Super Rubber Matting is here to save the day! The Rubber Matting that will solve all your rubber matting problems, his powers are tested and verified by BS EN 61111 2009 and include:

Oil Resistance

Super Rubber Matting is resistant to oil, making it easier to clean.

Acid Resistance

Acid spills will happen from time to time, especially in industrial workplaces. Super Rubber Matting is resistant to acid and has the power to withstand the damaging effect of different acids.

Slip Resistance

Saving you from accidental slips that can result in injuries, Super Rubber Matting has anti-slip properties that make it ideal for wet areas.

Mechanical Puncture Resistance

Super Rubber Matting is strong, just like every other superhero. Able to resist progressive mechanical force, this matting option is almost completely tear proof.

Flame Retardant

In case of fire, Super Rubber Matting is equipped with flame retardant properties that suppress or delay the spread of fire. This superhero can handle small incidents like cigarette burns.


Super Rubber Matting may not be here forever but it will serve its purpose for years to come.  Durable and age resistant, this extraordinary rubber matting can offer sustained protection.

Super Rubber Matting has a lot more to offer. More than you average, run of the mill matting option, Super Rubber Matting has all the qualities of BS EN 61111 2009. Super Rubber Matting… a superhero you can surely rely on!

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