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Stuart Little: Boat Race

The Academy Award-nominated film, Stuart Little, used an innovative mix of live action and computer animation to produce a heart-warming family adventure.

Released by Columbia Pictures in December 1999, it was a big Christmas hit, grossing $300.1 million at the box office worldwide. It also received an Academy Award nomination for best visual effects but lost out to The Matrix - a tough rival!

The film was the start of a franchise which included a sequel, Stuart Little 2, in 2002 and a TV series, Stuart Little: The Animated Series, in 2003. The third in the trilogy of films was released in 2005 and was called Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild.



The plot is based on the 1945 children's novel, Stuart Little, by EB White, with the screenplay written by Greg Brooker and M Night Shyamalan. However, some of the characters and basic plot elements in the film are different from those in the book.

In White's fantasy book, Stuart Little was said to be "born to human parents" in New York City, but he "looked very much like a rat or mouse". In the film, Stuart is adopted from an orphanage and is described as an "anthropomorphic teenage mouse".

Stuart finds that life as a small mouse-person is very challenging. Although his adoptive parents, Eleanor and Frederick Little, love him, their young son, George, refuses to acknowledge that Stuart is his brother, while the family cat, Snowbell, is disgusted that a mouse is officially his "master".


Boat race

Stuart finally manages to bond with George when he helps the youngster to finish making a remote-controlled boat, called The Wasp, in time for a boat race in Central Park.

After agreeing to personally drive the boat after the remote controller breaks. it's a hard-fought race for Stuart when he comes up against George's main rival, Anton - a nasty child who smashes up the other kids' boats. He manages to do this sneakily so he isn't disqualified and soon looks set to win the race.

However, Stuart outwits him and after a mammoth tussle, the wires of Anton's boat snap and Stuart wins the race and the respect of George and the rest of the Little family.

However, storm clouds are gathering in the shape of Snowbell the cat, who's plotting to get rid of Stuart due to the embarrassment of having a mouse "master". A mysterious couple, Reginald and Camille Stout, arrive at the house, claiming to be Stuart's long-lost real parents. Can they be believed or did Snowbell have a hand in the unexpected family reunion?



The film worked so well largely thanks to its all-star cast. The real-life human actors included Geena Davis as Eleanor Little, Hugh Laurie as Frederick Little and Jonathan Lipnicki as young George.

The animated characters were also voiced by Hollywood A-list stars including Michael Fox as Stuart, and Nathan Lane (renowned for his voice work in The Lion King) as Snowbell.

Stuart Little received mainly positive reviews from the critics. It was described as "charming" for both children and adults, thanks to its visual effects and humour. It was also said to be a "near flawless family film".

A soundtrack was released by Universal Records and Motown in November 1999, including hits such as That's Amore by Dean Martin and The Boat Race by Alan Silvestri.

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