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Some of the BEST Animal Christmas Adverts

It just wouldn't be Christmas without the famous seasonal adverts that make watching the commercials so much more fun during the festive period! It's no surprise that animals often feature, as everyone likes to see cute and cuddly creatures at the centre of the action.

Christmas adverts are becoming as much of a tradition as the turkey dinner and the Queen's Speech, with retailers creating increasingly elaborate plots, as they compete with each other to make the most emotive and meaningful productions that will resonate in our minds. One in six viewers has even admitted to changing their plans to watch a new Christmas advert on TV!

In recent years, animals have been seen doing everything from bouncing on trampolines, to inadvertently wrecking the house on Christmas Eve! Read on to discover more about the best Christmas animal adverts of all time...

Penguins with Christmas hats

© staphy / Adobe Stock


Monty the Penguin

In 2014, John Lewis's Monty the Penguin advert was tugging at the heartstrings. It depicted a little boy whose best friend was a penguin called Monty, who went everywhere with him - even for bus rides!

On Christmas morning, the boy and Monty rush downstairs to see what presents Santa has left for them. To their delight, there's another little penguin sitting under the tree. Monty rushes over excitedly to greet their new friend.

Then, as the boy's mum looks on, smiling, it turns out Monty is the boy's favourite cuddly toy and the new penguin is a second toy. The advert's tagline is, "Give someone the Christmas they've been dreaming of!", as it shows how giving a simple gift, like a soft toy, can make a child's Christmas special.


Mog's Christmas Calamity

Sainsbury's pulled out all the stops in 2015 with their ambitious advert, Mog’s Christmas Calamity - a mini-story that lasted for more than three minutes and began on Christmas Eve.

The family cat, Mog, inadvertently sets the house on fire while sleeping, when his twitching tail catches on the fairy lights, sparking an unfortunate chain of events that sees the Christmas turkey burned to a cinder as the family sleeps!

Luckily, Mog manages to dial 999 and the fire brigade arrives to save the house, but the food, the Christmas tree and decorations are all ruined. Mog feels very guilty, but then the neighbours arrive with more food and even a tree, so the spirit of giving and sharing make it the best Christmas ever. A quiet Christmas dinner turns into a party for the whole street and Mog can relax once more.

Mog was created by author and illustrator Judith Kerr. The Christmas advert was available as a short story in an illustrated book that was sold in aid of Save the Children.


Buster the Boxer

The most famous Christmas animal advert of all time is John Lewis's Buster the Boxer, released in 2016. The ad began with a dad putting together a giant trampoline for his daughter on Christmas Eve. Once he's finished, he settles down to relax on the settee.

With One Day I'll Fly Away playing in the background, all the wild animals hiding in the garden, including foxes, a badger, a hedgehog and a squirrel, start bouncing and playing together on the trampoline, promoting the sense of unity that epitomises Christmas. Meanwhile, Buster, the family's pet Boxer dog, watches from indoors, apparently envious.

The next morning, the little girl sees her new trampoline and rushes out to use it, but Buster wants to try it out too, beating her to it. As the dog bounces around in slow motion, the ad ends with the tagline, "Gifts that everyone will love."

Within two hours of its release in November 2016, the advert had been mentioned more than 30,000 times on social media.


Paddington and the Christmas Visitor

In 2017, Marks and Spencers' Paddington and the Christmas Visitor was a short story created by director Daniel Kleinman, who collaborated with various agencies, including Grey London and Framestore, to launch a cinematic masterpiece.

Described as a "labour of love", it was completed by 75 artists to ensure they did justice to one of Britain's best-loved animated characters. The plot saw Paddington mistake a burglar clad in a red jacket as Father Christmas. As the burglar tries to escape over the rooftops with a sack of his ill-gotten gains, Paddington insists on helping him to distribute the "gifts" to the neighbouring houses.

By the end of the night, Paddington's kindness and giving spirit has converted the burglar and steered him away from his life of crime.


Reindeer Ready

A favourite animal advert from this Christmas is McDonald's Reindeer Ready. As Father Christmas travels across the rooftop in his sleigh, pulled by his hungry reindeer, they are disappointed after everyone forgets to leave out the carrots. Santa pops up through a chimney and shakes his head, saying to the reindeer, "No carrots again."

There are plenty of mince pies and Santa continues to eat in every house where he delivers gifts. Meanwhile, he spots the sad-looking reindeer watching him through the window.

Finally, Santa stops off at McDonald's and buys many bags of carrots to feed his reindeer, promoting the spirit of giving at Christmas.

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The Coruba team would like to wish everyone a Christmas filled with love and laughter.

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