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Rubber Mats: Your Secret Glassware Hero in the Kitchen


Washing fancy glassware? Daunting, isn’t it?  One wrong move and you could break it in an instant. While accidents will happen, safety measures can help to save your fragile items!

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. Drape your kitchen sink… with rubber mats! As a core provider of all things rubber, Coruba can recommend a couple of rubber matting options that would be perfect for the job:

Open Grid' High Quality PVC Grid Matting

With an open grid design, the Coru531 ‘Open Grid’ PVC Matting has excellent non-slip and drainage properties. Hygienic and easy to clean, it only requires a little maintenance to keep it performing at its best.

Available in blue or red alternatives, our Coru531 PVC matting can be tailored to your required widths and lengths - to match your sink.

Lattice' PVC Runner Matting

The Coru668 'Lattice' PVC Runner Matting is made with premium grade PVC. Designed with a unique lattice effect, this makes it suitable for water, fluid and debris drainage. Lightweight yet durable, this matting solution can serve as a temporary cover to protect both your sink and your glassware.

Available in an attractive variety of colours, the Coru688 can also be cut to the size of your preference.

Whether you’re washing your expensive glassware or daily crockery, take a little bit of extra care with the help of our kitchen sink heroes.


For premium quality, yet affordable rubber matting products, contact Coruba on 01702 560194… you can always count on our rubber solutions!

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