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Rubber Mat Expert Answers 10 FAQ’s about Rubber Mats

Rubber Mats have been on the market for a long time but there are still some questions about them that everyone is asking. As your Rubber Mat Expert, I will answer these questions one by one.

1. How long can I use my rubber mat?

Answer: It depends on what kind of rubber mat you have. However, there are several on the market that can last for many years.

2. How should I clean my rubber mats?

Answer: Heavy duty mats with drainage systems can be cleaned with the use of a hose and a mild detergent. You can also dry-mop your rubber matting.

3. How does an anti-fatigue mat work?

Answer: There is no magic trick. Anti-fatigue mats help blood circulation and the micro movements of muscles that reduce the risk of fatigue. They provide softer support for the feet and legs compared with hard materials. Read more about anti-fatigue mats.

4. Is it necessary to have an electrical rubber mat for my business?

Answer: If your business mostly deals with big electrical equipment, you should use these mats. They help prevent accidents and increase safety within the workplace.

5. Are rubber mats expensive?

Answer: The answer to this question depends largely on the seller. There are several stores that offer the same quality rubber mats at cheaper prices (mostly for bulk orders).

6. Where can I use rubber mats?

Answer: You can use them in your kitchen, garage, play area and home gym. They are ideal to be used at your workstation and you can use them in heavy traffic entrances and in areas near electrical equipment.

7. Do rubber mats smell?

Answer: It is natural for rubber mats to smell, especially if they are new. Some rubber mats lose their smell over time. If you don’t like it, there are ways to reduce the smell by using chemicals. You can consult your retailer about this.

8. How do I know what type of rubber mat I need?

Answer: There are sites that categorise rubber mats depending on the application - gym, horses, play area, etc. If you are still unsure, you can contact a retailer to ask for further details about their products.

9. Is it okay to use any kind of rubber mat for electrical safety?

No. Not all rubber mats are suitable for electrical use. Choose mats that have passed the necessary electrical standards. This is for your own safety.

10. Are rubber mats slippery when wet?

Yes, they can be. Make sure that you are buying a rubber mat that has anti-slip properties to make sure it is applicable for places prone to moisture. These rubber mats usually have patterns on them.

Rubber mats are readily available on the market but you should know the basic facts so that you purchase the best alternative to suit your specific requirements.

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