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Rubber Lips are Immune to your Charms!

One of the most memorable lines in movie history was uttered by Batman's sidekick, Robin, when he told the evil seductress, Poison Ivy, "My rubber lips are immune to your charms!"

The admission came as quite a shock, not only to the villainous temptress as she tried to fatally seduce the boy wonder, but also to fans of the DC Comics' hero, who had no idea his lips were apparently made of rubber.

However, things weren't quite as they seemed when the franchise's sexiest baddie tried to kiss her nemesis as part of her cunning masterplan to populate earth with mutant plants. In fact, the seemingly innocent victim, Robin, is well aware of her murderous intentions and has come well prepared.

Poison Ivy

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Batman and Robin

The memorable movie line was part of the 1997 Warner Bros' blockbuster, Batman and Robin, which starred George Clooney as wealthy businessman Bruce Wayne (alias Batman) and Chris O'Donnell as his legal ward, Dick Grayson (Robin).

The caped crusader Batman was busy battling the villain, Mr Freeze, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. As former molecular biologist Dr Victor Fries, Mr Freeze had suffered a terrible accident when experimenting with cryogenics. He now lives as a criminal in a sub-zero suit that is powered by diamonds.

No longer able to survive at a normal temperature following his accident, Mr Freeze steals a diamond from the natural history museum. Batman and Robin are on a mission to capture him, helped by Batgirl, but Poison Ivy becomes a thorn in their side, with her sub-plot to take over the world.


Half-plant, half-woman

Originally a botanist at Wayne Enterprises' laboratory in Brazil, she is pushed into vats of chemicals and toxins by her deranged boss, Dr Jason Woodrue, after she discovers his illegal experiments with a venom drug, but the doctor's attempt to permanently silence her fails and instead, she becomes the toxic villain, Poison Ivy, who is half-plant, half-woman.

One kiss from her lips can kill you - and Robin is high on her list of people to kiss, because he and Batman are standing in the way of her plans for world domination with her mutant plants. In the meantime, Poison Ivy sets up an unlikely alliance with Mr Freeze, as she thinks he can be useful to her plans.

While Batman is busy pursuing Mr Freeze, Robin appears to be falling for Poison Ivy's fatal charms. Despite Batman's warnings, he seems oblivious to the danger he's in, as the evil femme fatale flirts and tries to charm him into believing she loves him.


Rubber lips

The scene where Poison Ivy shares a kiss with Robin and eagerly anticipates his imminent demise is one of the most famous in the Batman franchise.

In fact, Robin knows she's trying to kill him and has fashioned a pair of rubber lips to wear over his own - stopping her fatal poison from being transferred during their seemingly tender moment.

His line, "My rubber lips are immune to your charms," appears on plenty of fan sites as one of the top all-time quotes from the DC Comics' series. However, it seems that the fan-base is divided on the quote, as it also appears on sites where the "most awful movie lines" are listed!

In fact, it is listed as the third most terrible line of all-time in any DC Comics' movie by the blog keithandthemovies.com - which describes it as one of the most "stupid" lines ever! The moment when Robin pulls off the transparent rubber lips with his twee remark is noted as being the most cringe-worthy in the history of Batman.


Kiss for luck

On appearing to have overcome Robin with her wiles, Ivy pulled him back and said softly, "One kiss, my love, for luck," as he leaned towards her. She smiled seductively, planted her poisoned kiss on his lips and with a sly smile waited for him to collapse.

Then she added, "BAD luck, I'm afraid!" and revealed her true colours ... hence Robin's legendary response. With his clear rubber lips discarded on the floor, Robin would have been powerless to resist her fatal kiss afterwards, of course - something the scriptwriters seemed to have overlooked, as he was still trapped in a room with her!

Needless to say, Batman and Robin overcame and conquered the combined powers of Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy and lived to fight another day. The jury is still out on whether Robin should be jailed for crimes against the English language.

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