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Rubber Grass Safety Mats for your Lawn

Rubber mats are being used almost everywhere; from households to commercial sites, rubber mats are highly regarded for their versatility and durability. Today, they are being used as ground or grass cover for lawned areas – rubber mats are great for providing stability and protection which is ideal for bumpy, unlevelled and irregular surfaces. Featuring holes across the entire area of the mat, these allow lush green grass to continue to grow as normal.

Benefits of Using Rubber Grass Mats

Rubber grass mats disappear from view as the grass grows. Their holes also allow water to pass through, providing excellent drainage.

Here are some of their other valuable attributes:

Promote Safety

Rubber mats can effectively reduce the impact of trips and falls - the covered area can cushion a critical fall height of up to 1m. Rubber mats also improve traction, making the area more accessible to wheel chair users.


Grass mats can be applied in wet and dry areas and have the ability to withstand different weather and temperature conditions. They can generally last for between 30-50 years.


While rubber grass mats are not exactly cheap, they are a great return of investment due to their durability; the comfort and protection they offer is priceless!

Easy to install

Installing rubber grass mats can be done with minimal effort and expertise. The process does not involve costly base work and grass mats can simply be laid on top of the lawned area.


Rubber grass mats do not require any special attention and the grass can be mowed as normal once it starts growing through the mat.

By installing Rubber grass mats, you can create a safer environment.

Coru625 – Ground Stabilisation Mat from Coruba

Ground Stabilisation and Play Area Mats

Coruba offers high quality Ground Stabilisation mats that are ideal for outdoor use. Aside from lawned areas, they are also extremely useful in stables, gardens and playgrounds, etc. - Coru625 is made of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) and is available in black.


We also provide a wide range of rubber safety mats that can tailored to suit your specific needs. For bulk and special orders, you can call us on 01702 560194. You can also email us at info@coruba.co.uk.

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