People across Europe prioritise home improvements for a better quality of living. According to research conducted by Kingfisher in 2012, 9 out of 10 Europeans spend money on home improvements. Most of these improvements involve making their homes safer for children or the elderly.

Residential Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring might be an unusual choice for residential use but it is becoming increasingly popular for home projects because of its multiple benefits. The following parts of your home could benefit from rubber flooring:


Kitchen flooring can be difficult to maintain because it is more prone to spills and stains compared to other rooms, besides being the area in which we do most of the chores. Rubber flooring is hygienic, highly durable and soft enough to conform to the shape of your feet, making long periods of standing in the kitchen more bearable due to its anti-fatigue properties.


An easy solution to hide unsightly cracks and stains in your garage, rubber matting can protect the floor from dropped tools and equipment. A great choice for high traffic areas like garages because it can retain its shape, it is also resistant to stains caused by grease or oil.


Safety is the top priority when it comes to the bathroom flooring; textured rubber flooring doesn’t get slippery when wet. Moreover, rubber flooring is waterproof and easy to clean.

Home Gym

Rubber is probably the most shock absorbent flooring option available on the market. Ideal for personal gyms, its anti-fatigue properties make it perfect for high intensity workouts. It can also protect the concrete floor from the impact of heavy weights and equipment.


Rubber flooring is certainly a great investment that can add visual appeal and functionality to your home. Coruba offers high quality rubber flooring that will surely suit your needs and preferences. Call us today on 01702 560194.