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Rubber Floor Pre-Installation Reminders

Rubber is one of the best flooring materials, providing an aesthetically pleasing finish and adding comfort to any area.

Although installing a rubber floor is easy enough to accomplish, here are some important pre-installation reminders to keep in mind:

Determine the Layout

To maximise the roll and minimise waste, make sure you familiarise yourself with the dimensions and the room layout before buying your rubber flooring materials.

If the room is an obscure shape it is better to buy rubber rolls, as they can be cut depending on the room and adjusted to give more fitting options.

Clean the Floor

Sweep the floor to get rid of dust and dirt that could interfere with the adhesive. Give the floor a good mopping and make sure it is totally dry before you begin the installation process.

Acclimation and Relaxation

Allow the adhesive to acclimate to the room’s temperature before use.

If the rubber is rolled when shipped, lay it out fully to flatten overnight. Ideally, this should be done in colder room temperatures.

Choosing an Adhesive

Some adhesives are designed for certain types of rubber flooring. Therefore, if you are planning to use glue, it is much better to follow the manufacturer’s advice.

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