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Red Rum

Champion thoroughbred steeplechaser, Red Rum is the only horse in history to have won the legendary Grand National three times. His victories in 1973, 1974 and 1977 - in addition to the fact he had never fallen in 100 races - catapulted the bay gelding to iconic status.

Even now, more than two decades after his death in 1995, the fascination with the Irish steeplechaser remains as strong. Only last year, Carlisle Racecourse declared 13th October was Red Rum Day, when race-goers were invited to, ‘Wear Red For Rummy’ and those who did were given a free 'red fizz' cocktail.


Early Career

In 1965, Martyn McEnery bred Red Rum at Rossenarra stud in County Kilkenny, Ireland. He was named by taking the last three letters of his dam Mared and sire Quorum's names. He had his first win as a two-year-old at Warwick and won his first two races as a three-year-old.

In the early years, top jockey Lester Piggott rode him in a few races but it was after Red Rum was bought by Southport car dealer Ginger McCain for his client Noel le Mare that the promising horse started to achieve greatness.

McCain trained him on Southport Beach and the salt water was beneficial for his hooves, as he had suffered from the incurable bone disease pedal osteitis in his youth.


Historic Treble

Following his training on the beach, Red Rum developed into a world-class steeplechaser, winning his first Grand National with jockey Brian Fletcher in 1973. This was considered Red Rum's greatest ever victory. He was 30 lengths behind the race leader Crisp, when after exhibiting an astounding burst of speed that saw him catch up and overtake on the final stretch, he won the race.

He won his second Grand National the following year, again ridden by Fletcher. He came second in 1975 and 1976, ridden by Fletcher and Tommy Stack respectively.

When Red Rum won his historic third Grand National in 1977, again ridden by Stack, it was voted among the greatest sporting achievements ever - not just within the horseracing community. He was in training for the 1978 race, when sadly he suffered a fracture which led to his retirement.


Celebrity Status

Red Rum became quite a celebrity - he would lead the Grand National parade every year and was invited to open supermarkets. He even appeared on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards in 1977, when he was present in the studio! He retained his celebrity status until his death in October 1995, at the age of 30.

His death featured on page one of the national newspapers, with a report on how his legendary feats of three Grand National wins and two seconds would never be repeated - which they haven't to this day.

The mighty racehorse was buried at the winning post at Aintree Racecourse. Fans still go there to pay tribute to him and to read his epitaph, which states, "Respect this place, this hallowed ground, a legend here his rest has found."

A survey in 2006 found Red Rum was the best-known horse in the UK, with 45% of those who responded naming him as the most famous horse they knew.

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